Master Your Message for Maximum Impact

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Bridging The Logic Gap
How to make sure you connect with your audience and handle their concerns.

How to Use the “Riveting Opening”
If you want the full attention of everyone in the audience, here’s the way to make sure it happens.

Investment Presentations
If you need to raise money in the corporate environment, here’s an outline for your presentation that will at least get you started on the right track.

Opening the Window – Starting Your Presentation
How to structure the opening of your presentation.

Ordering Your Points Can Be Crucial
How to and support your key points for maximum impact.

The Power of Persuasion
Why persuasion is such an important aspect of virtually ANY presentation.

Real Benefits You Can Taste!
Features, Advantages and Benefits are quite different from each other. Benefits have to personally affect your audience. Here’s how to write them.

The Rule of Reciprocity
Keep this VERY IMPORTANT principle in mind whenever you have a persuasive presentation to give.

Sharing Your Presentation Map
How to use visual support to keep your audience on track.

Taking Form – Your Presentation’s Structure
What to do once you defined the key points of your presentation.

Ten Flow Structures
The ten different forms your presentation can take . . . explained in full.

Three Things Are All You Need
The importance of being creative and developing a theme.

Those Darn Words … Are Critical!
A guide to some common errors that can lower your credibility.

Your Presentation Objective is Critical!
How a goal differs from an objective and why it’s so important to have an objective that is tightly defined.


Seven Annoying Things About Presentations
What your audience hates and 7 ways to give them what they want.

Eye Contact
The importance of “eye contact” will be most obvious to your audience and can lose their attention more quickly than almost anything else.

First Impressions Are Important!
Developing rapport is a critical element of any effective talk. You are judged from the moment you walk in the door.

Handling Questions
The key to making questions work to your advantage is to fully anticipate them, look forward to getting them and prepare properly for them.

What My Appendix Has to Do with Presentation Structure
It’s amazing how many of us think we need help in delivery skills when really what we need is highly targeted, persuasive content.

Using the Stage for Impact
Paying attention to these simple ideas of space relations can help you perform a far more powerful presentation.

Tips for Handling Nervousness
You can make nervousness work in your favor!

Visual Support

Exceptional Visuals
Visual support doesn’t have to be used for everything. If it isn’t critical to proving your point, don’t use it. Here are some rules for using support visuals properly.

How We Learn
The manner in which we all learn should have an influence on how you develop your presentation.

Powerful PowerPoint
Seven tips on making your Powerpoint presentation more effective.

PowerPoint Checklist
A set of guidelines to help you create more powerful Powerpoint support.

Real Cost of Powerpoint
How using Powerpoint improperly can hurt you badly.


Top Ten Tips to Spectacular Video
In order to get to the “next level,” professional speakers need a demo video. Here are the top ten secrets to getting great footage while on the road to a spectacular full-blown video.


Inside Presenter-Pro Online Workshop
An overview of what you’ll find in the online course.

Master of Ceremonies Tips
Everything you need to know about being a first class MC.

Toastmasters Exposed
If you’ve ever thought of joining Toastmasters, here’s everything you need to know.

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