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The Rule of Reciprocity

Whenever you have a sales presentation, or in fact, a persuasive presentation of ANY KIND, Here’s something to keep in mind: The Rule of Reciprocity.

Virtually all members of society are trained from childhood to abide by this rule. It requires that one person repay what another person has provided. The allows you to give something to someone with the expectation on both sides, that the favor will be returned in kind.

“There is a principle of reciprocity in business that is extremely powerful. It is simply this: If you do something nice for someone else, they will feel obligated to do something nice for you. You should be looking for opportunities to go the extra mile, to do more than you are paid for, to put in more than you take out. By extending yourself, you improve your positioning in the customer’s mind and increasingly differentiate yourself and your company from your competitors who are after the same business. If you do this long enough and strong enough, you will eventually develop the partnership to the point where your competitors don’t have a chance against you.”

Reprint from Brian Tracy International

How can these principles work for you? Reciprocity is based on the “Golden Rule” – do unto to others as you would have them do unto you. Part of it is in your presentation style – your performance. However, many of it relate to how you prepare your presentation; how you structure it in terms of its persuasiveness. And, the work you do in the background to make sure you truly understand your audience’s concerns can be even more important.

So, when you develop your presentation, keep the “Rule of Reciprocity” in mind. The extra special things you do for your audience will help put them “on your side” and make them want to provide something special back in return.

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