Key Articles

Here is a list of all past and current articles, along with a link to each one. I add to this list each month, so as a member, you can always expect to see information and videos. If there’s something you’d like me to cover off, just drop me a line in the comments box below or email me.

Your Opening

How to Use The “Riveting Opening.” A powerful way (and my favourite) way to open a persuasive presentation.

Structure and Writing

Your Presentation Objective is Critical. There’s a huge difference between having a goal and and an objective. Knowing the difference is at the core of developing a persuasive presentation, advertising, or a marketing plan. This article explains it.

Less is More! Here’s the Proof … This year, I ran across the work of cognitive psychologist, Richard Mayer. His work is extremely important to anyone putting together a persuasive presentation!

The Importance of Repetition. It can be a “mantra,” a theme line, or a call to action. We learn through repetition and it’s extremely powerful in presentations.

How to Emotionally Move Your Audience. Keying in on basic human emotions is a primary way to motivate your audience. Appealing to the emotions is the key to being persuasive.

Satisfying Head and Heart. Here’s an article about appealing to both the head and heart – striking the right balance will make your presentation highly effective.


Creating Effective Eye Contact. Eye contact is one of the core principles of connecting with the audience. There’s an art to doing it properly and it can be extremely powerful …

Handling Questions. If you don’t look forward to question and answer sessions, you should! They’re the very best way to grow your credibility and they’re more often than not, the deciding factor in  winning new business!

Visual Support and Technology

Presentation Animation Must Be Motivated. Too many presentations use animation for the benefit of the presenter rather than that of the audience. Animation in Keynote or PowerPoint should add to an understanding of the message. Otherwise, don’t bother.

Five Conference Gremlins (and How to Avoid Them). Over the years, I’ve produced dozens of major conferences and conventions. I’ve “seen it all.” Here are some of the things I’ve seen and how to avoid them.

Five More Conference Gremlins … More things to avoid.

Tips on Technology for the Stage. If you’re using technology, know it backwards. There’s nothing that can destroy your talk and reputation quite as quickly as the misuse of technology. Here are some tips on how to prepare.