Master Your Message - Television

Comparing the Interview to the Direct Appeal

As a Boot Camp “Star,” you have two options. You can do a two minute interview or a one minute direct appeal clip.

The length of these clips are somewhat variable. You’ll get 20-25 minutes on camera. If we can do a slightly longer interview (we’ll get a fair amount of footage, for sure), that just fine. For the on-camera appeal, because you’ll likely be working with a teleprompter and performance will be an issue, my experience tells me that a one minute clip (if you’re a first timer) is achievable. If you’ve had time on a set before, you may be able to “knock off two.” However, once the allotted time is over, we’ll have to “wrap” your segment.

Below are examples of a one minute interview and a one minute direct appeal clip.

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Direct Appeal

The direct appeal allows you to develop a compelling personal message and deliver it directly to your audience. However, it requires a good amount of “ease” with on-camera delivery and the ability to work with a teleprompter.

You’ll get practice time before you “go on” and you’ll get to learn from others. We’ll work your script together to make sure it’s in your words (extremely important!) and is designed to get results.

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The interview is great if you’re more interested in building credibility by showing your level of expertise. You can create more content in a shorter amount of time. But, be careful to wield a sharp knife and keep on point. Audiences are fickle and won’t hang around if you and the content aren’t compelling.

If you choose this option, you’ll develop your own questions and we’ll do re-takes so we’re sure to get the results you’re looking for.

NOTE: This is a short clip – yours will be longer.