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Convince and Close is a step-by-step SYSTEM for developing
highly targeted, persuasive presentations.
Download the GUIDE and print out (or launch the PDF and use it interactively). Convince and Close Strategy Guide
  Watch the Overview Video. This video will give you a general overview of the Guide – a step-by-step explanation of how to most effectively use this in-depth system to ensure your presentation is highly persuasive and effective.
  Work through your presentation structure using the GUIDE (print extra copies as needed).
  Access the Essentials videos below to augment your skills, as needed.
Thirty videos are delivered over a 30 day period to your email in-box (weekdays only, Monday to Friday). Each video is two minutes long and the content is “to the point.” Each one comes with an associated, supporting article.NOTE: All videos have been configured for all popular browsers and the iPad. For any technical issues, or to contact me directly, please email me:
Here’s a complete list of the entire library. Click on a video name below to go to that video and article:
Convince and Close Core 30 – Structure/Writing
These 30 videos concentrate on the structure of your presentation – the most important element in the entire process.
1. Start at the End: Where to Start a Persuasive Presentation
2. Cure the Pain: Understanding Your Audience
3. How We Think: Why You Should Start Your Persuasive Presentation with a Problem
4. The Rule of One: How to Make Your Presentation Memorable
5. Body Beautiful: How to Organize the Body of your Presentation
6. Get to the Point: How to Structure Each Point to Be Effective and Persuasive
7. First Impressions: Why Your Opening is Critical
8. Open the Window: How to Write the Opening
9. Look in the Mirror: How to Write the Closing
10. Emotion Sells: Why Emotion is So Important in Persuasive Business Presentations
11. Move Your Audience: How to Impact Your Audience During a Presentation
12. Tasty Benefits: The Secret to Benefits That Sell
13. Story Power: The Power of Stories
14. Say It Again: Why Repetition is Important
15. How We Learn: How the Way We Learn Affects Your Presentation
16. Relativity: How to Make Facts “Stick”
17. Eye-Lock: How to Really Connect with your Audience
18. Persuade Thyself!: Why You Absolutely Have to Believe in Your Message
19. Word One: The Most Important Word in Presentations
20. Visualize!: How Best to Rehearse Your Presentation
21. Share the Map: How to Keep Your Audience On Track Visually
22. Words Don’t Exist: Why Pictures are Better than Words
23. Rule of 66: How to Use Screen Text Effectively
24. Power Points: How to Make Point Form Powerful
25. Build and Stick: How to Use Text Builds Effectively
26. The Ultimate Screen: How to Design the Ultimate Screen
27. Active Titles: How to Make Graphs More Powerful
28. Apostrophe Catastrophe: The Biggest Grammar Mistake in Presentations
29. Contrast is Critical: Why Screen Contrast is So Important
30. Introductions: How to Write a Speaker Introduction
If you’re looking for tips to help with your on-stage performance, these FIVE videos are perfect.

31. Voice Tracks: How to Make Your Voice More Effective
32. Being Nervous: How to Make Being Nervous Work for You
33. Magic Time!: How To Hold Your Audience’s Attention During Longer Presentations
34. Pacing: How to Mark Your Scripts to Impact Your Performance
35. Questions Anyone?: How to Conduct Effective Question and Answer Sessions
Visual Support
PowerPoint or Keynote are used in the vast majority of business presentations. These TEN videos help you make the most of these visual tools.

36. Fonts101: The Best Fonts to Use in Your Presentation
37. White Death: Why You Should Use Dark Backgrounds
38. Light Bulb Reading: The Problem with White Backgrounds
39. Backgrounds: How to Choose a Background
40. Hold the Mayo!: What NOT to Animate in Your Support Visuals
41. Video Etiquette: How to Use Video Effectively
42. Show Time!: How to Set Up PowerPoint or Keynote Files
43. What’s Your Agenda?: The Importance of an Agenda
44. Set the Stage: Why You Need to Control the Set-Up
45. Paint With Light: Why Important Screen Elements Should Be Lighter in Color
If you’ll be presenting at conventions or conferences, these FOUR videos provide the tips and techniques to make you feel in control.

46. Conventions: How to Prepare for Convention Presentations
47. Black is First: How to Set Up Your Presentation for Conventions
48. Show Up Early: The Importance of Showing Up Well Before Your Presentation
49. Know Your Tools!: Know Your Presentation Tools!
These THREE videos share important techniques that you need to be aware of as a first-class presenter.

50. Dark It With a ‘B’: How to Black the Presentation Screen
51. Sound Advice: How to Make Sure You Have Great Sound
52. Handouts: Should You Use Handouts with your Presentation?

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