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Newbie speakers get a little apprehensive about questions. There’s a fear that they’ll be caught off guard – that they’ll look stupid if they don’t have an answer . . . And they’re right … if they’re unprepared. Just like anything else in life, looking brilliant on stage takes planning. However, if you really do […] Read More

The closing is second most important part of your persuasive presentation. I say that because if you don’t have a great opening, you will have lost them by the closing and so your closing won’t matter. It would probably be helpful here to review the opening of your persuasive presentation: Start with the situation, opportunity, […] Read More

Here are the remaining four keys to getting what you want. Use them every time you present and be more successful! 3. Be crystal clear when you ask for what you want—what does success look like?  I really learned this lesson as speaker/trainer for National Seminars (the largest public seminar company in the US). As […] Read More

There are a number of reasons presenters get frustrated with their results. The most common is not getting the response they want. They spend hours putting together all the pertinent information, support it all with gorgeous visuals, work on their performance, and get what seems to be an energetic, positive response from the audience. But […] Read More

Boy, have I learned about this the hard way! You decide to allow questions all during your presentation. You have a very engaged, inquisitive audience, but you never get to make your main point. You get so sidelined with concerns and side issues that you just plain run out of time. Score one for the […] Read More