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I constantly see presenters futzing around with their computers mere minutes before they go on …. and often minutes after they should have started. It simply shouldn’t happen in most of those cases. Here’s the secret: Show up early. But, there's actually more to it than that! To be really successful on stage, there are […] Read More

On my travels in the corporate presentation world, I’ve seen some horrendous presentation set-ups. And in a lot of cases, people aren’t even aware of the problem. The worst culprit - hotels. You’d think it would be different … for an industry whose income relies on the success of conventions …. Why do they stick […] Read More

This is right up there with the most important things I'll ever tell you about persuasive presentations: To be a successful persuasive presenter, you absolutely have to believe in your message. And you have to display passion. You may have seen this pie chart before. It’s usually misinterpreted. It comes from the work of Albert […] Read More

They say you should rehearse an hour for every minute of your speech. I’m not so sure. I think rehearsing your talk is really important. But how you do it, probably differs by individual. There's a belief out there about saying it in front of a mirror. What's THAT about? Forget it - it doesn’t […] Read More

It’s OK to be nervous. We all are to a certain extent. Even me. Well, not now, ‘cause there’s nobody here. I’m talking about on stage. Now, there are lots of techniques you can try to treat the symptoms of nervousness. You’ll find a whack of them in the articles on my website. But the […] Read More

If you've been watching the ups and downs of the US presidential race, and been paying attention to the media pundits, you've no doubt heard the discussions in recent days about "style versus substance." This is in direct relation to the television debate between President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. The argument is over […] Read More

We all have fears of one kind or another. It's part of the human condition. Arguably, speaking in public is one of the greatest, or at least, most common. Speaking in public is often cited as one of man's greatest fears. Here's a PDF file with ten great tips - from Stanford University. It's called simply, […] Read More

SOLD Magazine is a free monthly online resource that's particularly valuable for anyone doing persuasive presentations. I have a vested interest in bringing you this info, as I have an article in the July issue on page 42. It's on the Riveting Opening (my favourite way to open a presentation). While I wrote it as […] Read More

There's a great discussion just starting up in a Linkedin Group, called, "Great Communicators! Effective Presenting & Powerpoint." If you're a member of Linkedin and not a member of this group, you might think about joining it. It seems to me to be the Linkedin discussion group about presenting in public with the most thought-provoking […] Read More

(link to previous post) I can't remember the first speech I made at Toastmasters. It's called the "Ice-Breaker" and all new Toastmasters have to give one. It's all of five minutes in length. It's supposed to shed some light on who you are, but I know my shell was far too thick to reveal much […] Read More