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What to do with handouts? Do I give them out before I speak, after … during? Here’s the traditional handout. Three slides to a page – a place for notes on the right hand side. The pros – an appropriate place to write notes – right next to the visual they relate to. People remember […] Read More

Here’s a simple tip that will give your graphs much more impact. Make the titles “active.” Now … I don’t mean “animated.” I mean active. When I refer to a title as "active," I mean that the text helps to advance your position, rather than just stating what the subject matter is. Most of the […] Read More

Presentation graphs are one of the most challenging visuals to get right. Often they’re cluttered and the message isn’t clear. They typically need someone to decipher them. That’s not helpful if you’re trying to be persuasive and make a sale. The key is to make the message obvious. I like to call it “active.” Make […] Read More