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These are all the blog posts on how to structure the opening of a persuasive presentation or speech

One of the phrases you definitely don’t want to hear from your audience is “what on earth was that about” or “I was absolutely lost from the very first word.” It happens all the time. It’s the biggest single mistake beginning presenters make – not telling the audience where they’re taking them. And after all, […] Read More

In the first few seconds, as you walk on stage, your audience is “sizing you up.” They’re figuring out whether they like you and are going to listen to you. They’re also making a decision as to whether you’re funny or not and whether you know what you’re talking about. There’s a great book called […] Read More

Virtually every presentation has to persuade someone of something. Now you might argue that point by saying that some presentations are informational. That may be true. But there's usually a desire on the part of the presenter to persuade the audience that the information is important, or that they should do something with that information […] Read More

This is for those of us who have sat through a persuasive presentation and wondered, “What on earth is this about?” I haven’t actually counted, but it seems to me that it happens more than fifty percent of the time. I don’t know where the speaker is going. The flow of the presentation is off […] Read More

Never in history have we been bombarded on a daily basis with so much information. Much of it comes in the form of distractions. You know what I’m talking about: Emails, cell phones, texting; we’re bounced around all day long between one snippet of information and another. Little work of any import happens in such […] Read More

Too often our nervousness gets the best of us and we destroy what would otherwise be a very powerful opening. I often evaluate speakers in contests. I evaluated one again last night. Great fun; great speeches! This was a contest involving emerging professional speakers. The prize was the opportunity to speak in front of a […] Read More

I had a meeting with a client the other day to talk about an upcoming presentation. It was to be an hour-long "lunch and learn" for an energy industry, fortune 500, company. The objective was to get to the next meeting. By that, I mean that this was an introductory meeting about what my client […] Read More

If you have difficulty with putting together a persuasive presentation–of any type–quickly, then here's a really simple structure you can use to get you started. When I say "presentation," I'm including email, phone calls, conversations, letters (does anyone write these any more?)–virtually any form of communication in which you want to get your point across […] Read More

NOTE: This terrific article comes from Judy Carter and gives a great example of why it's so important to start any presentation, email, or other persuasive business communication with a problem ... There's a secret to have your resume rise to the top of a job pile. It's the same technique that makes a comedy […] Read More

One of most common dilemmas people have when they’re up against a presentation deadline is how to actually open it: "How do I structure the opening?" I have a client I’ve been working with the past couple of weeks who has taken the reigns as the business development partner in a company that services pipeline […] Read More