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Movies are totally involving. The best ones make a point. And they’re about people. And we remember the really good ones for a long, long time. That’s the power of stories. They’re the most compelling part of any presentation. I saw master storytelling coach, Doug Stevenson speak last year. Doug coaches business people in the […] Read More

If you’re in any type of persuasive situation (presentation or not), you have to control the narrative—the story. Your story has to be the most compelling one. If you simply attack the existing narrative, your chances of winning are slim. In sports, any team that plays only defense won’t win. You need to play offense, […] Read More

I had a meeting with a client the other day to talk about an upcoming presentation. It was to be an hour-long "lunch and learn" for an energy industry, fortune 500, company. The objective was to get to the next meeting. By that, I mean that this was an introductory meeting about what my client […] Read More

Here's my third rule relating back to my cover article of earlier this week. We make decisions based on emotion and justify them based on facts. The majority of people don’t buy a car based upon how economically it will get them from A to B. It’s usually something else … like the most new gizmos, […] Read More

Here's my second rule relating back to my cover article of earlier this week. Visuals can sometimes detract from the emotional substance of your talk. For example, real emotional impact comes from the use of your audience’s imagination. The more concrete you make an image on a screen, the less it “belongs” to your audience. It’s […] Read More

Here's my first rule relating back to my cover article of earlier this week. We don’t think in words; we think in pictures. It’s images that engage minds. Think back to caveman days (not personal memories—although it's been suggested I could relate my own stories of that era—but rather what you know about how they […] Read More

The body of your presentation is where you organize your content. This is where you unveil the key points that support your main theme, or objective. Once you’ve identified the key points , it’s time to think about the most effective way to communicate them. What “form” are you going to use? When we talk […] Read More

Stories are THE most important elements of a speech or persuasive presentation. Stories are always about people and because of this, we connect with them. Over 35 years in television, the most important thing I've learned is that people are compelling. As humans, we love to hear stories about other humans. Over the past decade […] Read More

(link to previous post) I was a mess. I felt as if I’d failed. And when you’re the son of an Englishman, whose relatively good school grades were “never good enough,” failure had never been an option. I’d never felt quite this low before, but it did take me back to my teenage year (17) […] Read More

Confidence is at the root of all presentations. Without confidence in yourself, the material you're delivering and the tools you're using, you'll never be a great presenter. Now, I can't give you confidence. I can help with structure, performance, being persuasive ... and all the other tools you need to be an powerful presenter, but […] Read More