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It’s OK to be nervous. We all are to a certain extent. Even me. Well, not now, ‘cause there’s nobody here. I’m talking about on stage. Now, there are lots of techniques you can try to treat the symptoms of nervousness. You’ll find a whack of them in the articles on my website. But the […] Read More

When I speak to a group, I try to speak in seven minute segments MAX. That’s Magic Time! Because after seven minutes of information battering our little brains, our eyes roll back in our heads and we shut down. And where has this come from? Television, of course. Because a program segment is about 7 minutes […] Read More

We all have fears of one kind or another. It's part of the human condition. Arguably, speaking in public is one of the greatest, or at least, most common. Speaking in public is often cited as one of man's greatest fears. Here's a PDF file with ten great tips - from Stanford University. It's called simply, […] Read More

(link to previous post) I can't remember the first speech I made at Toastmasters. It's called the "Ice-Breaker" and all new Toastmasters have to give one. It's all of five minutes in length. It's supposed to shed some light on who you are, but I know my shell was far too thick to reveal much […] Read More