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Ever heard someone at the lectern read a speech? I mean a dull, boring, lifeless verbalization of just what’s on the paper in front of them, without any attempt to embellish it whatso ever or bring it to life? My guess is probably … more often than you’d like to admit. And what does it […] Read More

In public speaking, your voice is your instrument. You have to know what it sounds like. So I recommend you get a recorder and record yourself giving a presentation. Then listen to it. Do you sound monotone? That’s boring. Our brains don’t pay attention to boring things. They shut off. Here’s an exercise. Get a […] Read More

Without your voice in good condition, you're little use as a presenter. However, we often take this most important instrument for granted. In this interview, David discusses ways to enhance the sound of your voice, exercises you can do before a presentation, and ways to care for your voice if you have a cold, are […] Read More