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If you’re not winning major presentations, there’s usually a pretty good reason why. It’s typically not bad luck.

Most of the time, it’s because you’re not aligned with your prospective client’s needs. Or the presentation focuses on features rather than benefits. Or the presentation style is not right for that particular situation or client.

An energy services company called me in for help with their presentation to a current client – a multinational pipeline company. They had done a series of presentations to update the client, but as a result, the client had called for a major review of the entire project! It became obvious throughout the morning, that as engineers, they had concentrated on all the details – slide after slide of them.

However, nobody had done the overview – the persuasive presentation at the start and close of the session to provide the perspective and relate the ensuing information to the specific needs of the client. On the contrary, they’d waded in way too deep so that the overall picture was one of lack of leadership. It made the client nervous.

There’s a large dose of strategy in every winning presentation.

A major engineering firm complained to me that they were “tired of coming in second.” This was a very large team pitch for the construction of a large concrete-based building in Edmonton, Alberta for a national telecommunications company.

After doing a thorough analysis of an upcoming presentation, we did a lot more homework to understand the client’s underlying concerns, and restructured the presentation to address those concerns. We made sure that only the date necessary to support those concerns was presented. We focussed on visual aspects of the project more and made sure each team member had a role … and had fun doing it. They won the contract worth several million dollars.

As a communications consultant on initial public offerings for major airlines and energy companies, I’ve:

  • guided their presentation success with launches in major cities across the county
  • catapulted engineering firms to contract wins worth millions of dollars
  • helped start-ups differentiate themselves and find investors to take them to the next level
  • positioned executives as an employee advocate and coach despite having to roll out sensitive initiatives in a unionized organization
  • developed and presented major ad pitches for national retail clients

Often, it’s difficult to see your presentation from the perspective of the client. I provide that perspective by asking “the tough questions.” We dissect your strengths and weaknesses, both in content and presentation style. We come up with solutions to bolster any weaknesses and key on your strengths. We develop a theme to make sure you stand out from the competition. We do lots more depending on what the requirements are, even to the point of designing visual support.

Mounting a high level presentation is like mounting a major campaign. Having worked to spearhead initial public offerings across the country, I can tell you that if you want to win, you have to look at every work on every screen. Your message is key. It needs to be right and it needs to be reinforced throughout.

Who’s asking the tough questions – who’s concentrating on the client?

Major ad pitches are no different. In these situations, it’s understanding the client and their audience. The creative has to excite and be right on strategy. In all cases, it usually requires work ahead of time to prepare the client and ensure the final performance is anticipated and squarely hits the target.

If you want to take your team to a new level of professional presentation, call or email me.


Private Coaching

Need a strategic partner for your next presentation?

Leaders have to be effective presenters. If you’re new to the game, you’re going to find out that having the right message is every bit as important as your delivery. In fact, knowing you have the right message will give you more confidence and enhance your delivery.

With 35 years in business spent developing presentations of virtually every kind, for stage, paper, and camera, I’ve learned quite a few tricks along the way. My speciality is developing persuasive presentations that get to-the-point and reach your objectives, often winning huge contracts or changing minds and attitudes. It may also involve working with you to develop your speaking “style” so that you’re more dynamic and engaging. Often it includes feedback to ensure any speaker support you’re using is clear, focused, and has the appropriate impact.

Success comes from truly understanding the audience, focusing on their concerns, and having a crystal clear picture of what it is they have to believe in order to give you the response you need.

Results to be expected (may vary depending on package and individual):

  • use the Convince and Close system skills to develop highly focused and persuasive presentations every time
  • gain clarity on your audience and their needs and concerns
  • develop counters to key audience concerns
  • gain focus on your argument so that it goes right to the heart of the problem
  • develop a theme that is memorable and has impact
  • defining your objective so that it’s properly directive, realistic, and measurable
  • developing your delivery style or reducing confidence issues
  • handling critical question and answer sessions so that they solidify your authority
  • developing speaker support that is appropriate, clear, and impactful
  • laying out a game plan for holding engaging meetings that result in action

Working on a team pitch? Have a major team delivered business pitch? Email me at to discuss your needs and enable me to provide an estimate.

What are the pre-requisites for working with Peter?

Once we’ve established a fit, there are only two prerequisites. That you’ve that you’ve had a 15 minute introductory session with Peter and then filled out the Presentation Objectives Questionnaire that will be emailed to you. Don’t worry, it’s short!


Coaching Package Options

Convince and Close Gold Master Presenter (Accountability)
Results of private coaching: Results of private coaching (examples only):

Assistance refining your presentation to be highly persuasive.

Help and feedback on supporting visuals. In-depth work with the principles of the C&C program as they relate to your business and personal situation.

Focus on cementing the key principles so that they become second nature, from formal presentations, to informal conversations, to business emails.

Check in with me and move your presentation goals forward every month or work on a more intense pre-defined schedule.

Assistance developing your presentation system to reduce time and stress.

Restructure your messages, theme development, content restructuring

Develop or rework visual materials.

Refining of benefits statements.

Included: Included:
  • 6 thirty minute private coaching sessions by phone/Skype (used as needed, variable schedule)
  • Up to four pages of initial background may be submitted at the start
  • Help with structuring/writing a current presentation
  • Help with re-workin
  • Email Q&A with Peter – 4/month
  • Access to Peter’s full library of articles and tools
  • 12 thirty minute private coaching sessions by phone/Skype (up to four per month)
  • Up to four pages of initial background should be submitted at the start
  • Review of speech, presentation advertising, or marketing content with focus on audience analysis and corporate positioning
  • Feedback on video segments of your presentation
  • Email Q&A with Peter – 8/month
Investment $1100 (or 2 payments $550) Investment $1900 (or 2 payments $950)

When you Register for coaching, you’ll get the Convince and Close system at a 20% discount!

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