Convince and Close Strategy System

Six Easy Steps to Persuasive Presentations
that Close Every Time!
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Save Tons of Time • Win Decisively
Get the Results You Want!

 Structure your presentation to target audience concerns!
 Create an emotional connection with your audience to result in real change!
 Save time by using a proven system again and again!
 Maximize visual support to make your points memorable!
 Strategically affect the outcome BEFORE the actual presentation!
 Identify powerful, customized benefits that close major contracts!
 Make your entire team more efficient and effective!

You’ll finish crafting your presentation faster, be more confident,
and can devote more time to polishing your delivery.

Convince and Close is the ULTIMATE SYSTEM for rapidly developing
highly targeted, persuasive presentations.
Here’s what you get:
The Convince and Close System TEMPLATE that you can use over and over again. Print it out or use it as an on-screen PDF file that instantly launches Quick-Tip Videos!) Convince and Close Strategy Guide
  Quick-Start Overview Video. This video will get you up-to-speed in minutes – a step-by-step explanation of how to most effectively use this in-depth system to ensure your presentation is highly persuasive and effective. Or follow along with a print version.
  One Quick-Tip Video delivered to your inbox each weekday for 30 days. Focus on one skill at a time for maximum benefit. That’s 30 daily videos PLUS 22 more Quick Tip Videos – a total of 52! daily-tips
  Instant access to the entire library of Essentials Quick-Tip videos to augment your skills, as needed. Over 90 minutes of exceptional quality, highly-focused, professional video. Start today and develop your own presentation right away!
Thirty videos are delivered over a 30 day period to your email in-box (weekdays only, Monday to Friday). Each video is two minutes long and the content is “to the point.” Each one comes with an associated, supporting article. NOTE: All videos have been configured for all popular browsers and the iPad. For more information, or to contact me directly, please email me:
Example Videos and Articles (click each visual to view):


Each video is two minutes long and contains one tip to become a more effective presenter. These short clips have been professionally designed to help make you a more successful, more persuasive presenter. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else on the internet.

Full Package of 52 videos (almost 2 hours)
PLUS the Convince and Close Rapid Development Template:
$127.00 Now $97.00!

They Don’t Teach Convincing or Closing in School

They should! Because it’s one of the most important tools in business today. Fortune 500 recruiters site it as the number one “MUST HAVE” leadership skill.

In today’s difficult economic environment, it’s never been more important to be highly focussed – to know exactly what to achieve and how to achieve it.

Being able to write a targeted presentation to consistently win business is a skill anyone can learn. Being able to deliver it “live” in a compelling manner is an ability that puts you on a direct path to leadership.

If you’re in sales: Close more business; be more deliberate and customer-focused.

If you’re an engineer, accountant, or technical professional, you’ll get to the point faster, based on audience needs.

If you’re a manager, here’s a way to get your entire team to be better communicators, better presenters, and more effective “thinkers.”

Subscribe now and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS. You’ll have your first presentation outlined the same day. There are discounts for ten or more subscriptions and they start immediately … no waiting for that course to get scheduled in. For more information, email me at:

We learn by repetition.
That’s the beauty of the “Convince and Close” System.

By viewing one video tip a week sent to your email inbox, you’ll get to improve your skills continually throughout the year. By using the template again and again, you begin to think strategically about emails, phone calls – virtually all your business communication!

Anybody who plays a musical instrument will tell you that getting to the next level … becoming good enough to play in front of your peers … takes practice. Working on mastering one technique at a time is the key. It’s the same with business presentations. We learn through repetition. It takes 21 days to form a new habit. If you consciously do something again and again, it gets driven into your subconscious and becomes a habit. This gives you the opportunity to work on one new technique at a time (rather than being overwhelmed all at once).

These videos currently receive over 40,000 views a year …
in over 70 countries worldwide!

Why the Video Format?

I own just about every book written in the past twenty years or so about presentation skills. Many of them don’t have visuals, diagrams, or provide specifics on what to do to improve the structure of your presentation. Few dwell on speaker support and how to use it effectively. And once you put down the book, the tips and techniques are forgotten.

We don’t learn presentation skills by reading a book; we learn best by demonstration and then trying each skill one-at-a-time. This program lasts a full six months and covers the full range of presentation skills. You can watch the short videos again and again.

Having been a writer/director in television and video for over 35 years, working in the corporate sector for much of it, I decided to take all the tips and techniques on presenting that I’ve learned and used to help executives improve their skills. I’ve boiled them down into a series of 52 basic “nuggets” – each is a two minute skill on video – the essentials of presenting persuasively.

Video is the most powerful communication tool we have today,
so this just seems a natural way to transfer this information
to busy executives and salespeople.

“I spent hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to communicate effectively. I wasn’t satisfied with the any of the methods because they were all cumbersome and non practical. Then I saw Peter Temple presenting at an event, and his communication technique really impressed me. I requested Peter to help me improve my communication, and WOW what a difference it has made in my life. His communication tips are simple, practical, engaging and effective.
Paramjit Bath P. Eng, PMP – Fleet Services – The City of Calgary
I love your clips, Peter – thank you! I feel I could do a musical metaphor with every one. I remember sitting and timing Barney (the big purple dinosaur) – one and a half minute song, 3 minute teaching.” Jennifer Buchanan Testimonial Picture
Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA – President and Professional Speaker – JB Music Therapy, Calgary
“I’ve always valued Peter’s advice – not only is it direct, relevant, and useful, it’s also keyed in to that person’s individual personality. I would recommend Peter’s work for a professional at any stage in their career. Ed Wheeler Effective Presentation Testimonial Picture
Ed Wheeler, Founder, SoHoNoVo

Start to close presentations consistently.
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Here’s why the “Convince and Close” System makes so much sense for leaders:

  • You get one nugget of information each week so you’re not “overloaded” with information.
  • These tips and techniques come from over 25 years of working with the business community – .
  • Video is the most powerful method of learning ever invented. We learn 85% faster through information transfer across multiple senses.
  • These tips are professionally written and produced. You get the information quickly and intelligently. You’ll appreciate the focus on “efficiency of message.”
  • They’re online so you can watch them any time of day or night, again and again.
  • Each video comes with an article (with additional information) allowing you to “take it on the road.”

Full Package of 52 videos (almost 2 hours)
PLUS the Convince and Close Rapid Development Template:
$127.00 Now $97.00!

30 Day Monday Back Guarantee!
If you don’t feel there’s value in these videos or for any other reason, simply cancel your subscription within the first 20 days and I will fully refund your money – no questions asked. I want you to be completely satisfied.
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