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These presentations have been tailored to fit a one hour time frame.

Personality Rules!
How to Get Your Team to Treat Differences as an Asset!

mannequin-heads2It’s time to celebrate our differences! Meet Sandy, Taylor, Adrian, and Sydney, four transgender mannequin heads that each have very distinctive personalities. And personalities are what makes the world go round!

Diversification in the workplace is making communication more difficult than ever before. It’s also made relationships tougher to create. We don’t always celebrate our differences. We don’t always take the time to understand why Adrian and Sandy do what they do much differently that we do.

In a fast-paced, audience participation session, Peter peels away the concept that we’re either “normal” or downright “weird.” We all behave differently because we are … different. Each of us has a unique signature and a set of differences that set us apart from everyone else. However, there are striking similarities.

Through the idiosyncrasies of these four on-stage characters, Peter explores why they do what they do in life, how they exhibit their personality styles, what their interests are, how to communicate with them based on what style you are, and who you just aren’t going to get along with no matter what!

He provides tips on how to negotiate with them, how you might change your presentation based upon who’s in the audience, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can use their traits to your advantage (and vice versa). It all amounts to a greater understanding of how we each think a little differently and how in a team atmosphere, these differences can be a real asset. And they can be a lot of fun in a one hour presentation!

Breakout Sessions can involve each audience member completing a personality style “test,” determining their relative strengths and weaknesses, and discovering ways they can better “mesh” with the rest or their team.


15 Ways to Perk Up Your Presentations!
Fun Techniques to Fire Up Any Talk

 One of my main missions in life is to help Ban Boring Presentations in Business! After this creative presentation, you won’t have very many excuses not to change the way you present. 

People learn more effectively when they have fun, when their imaginations are engaged, and when they become emotionally involved. But what happens in a typical business presentation? Just the opposite.

In this one hour, fun-filled walk through props, humorous visuals, games, and techniques to engage, Peter provides the audience with 15 key examples of how to spice up dull and boring topics and provides resources for even more ideas! This is an audience participation talk with lots of visuals and props.

Peter explores openings and closings, techniques to get the audience loosened up beforehand, and ways to make learning and communicating more meaningful.


Niche iMarketing
Applying Apple’s Marketing Method to Your Business

It’s no secret in the world of marketing and advertising why Apple has been so successful. The iPad represents the pinnacle of that success.

To win today, you have to “Think Different.” You have to stand out from the crowd, but more importantly, find and address your audience’s pain.

You can apply the same principles to your business to gain top-of-mind awareness, become “remarkable,” and dominate your niche.

In this 3 hour workshop, you’ll learn the simple formula to Apple’s market success and work a system to create or fine-tune your own image, refine your message so it resonates with your audience, make it work across multiple media, and create a remarkable experience for your clients.

You’ll learn:

  • A system to pick your niche, dominate it, and own it
  • The formula for creating a “brand” that is remarkable
  • Why your visual identity is absolutely the most important element in your message
  • The secret to “break-thru messaging”
  • How to develop an elevator speech that sells
  • Why AppleCare is essential to your long term success
  • How to use your client’s personality to develop a long-lasting bond

Secure your spot at the top of the market!


Ten Ways to Use Video to Broadcast Your Expertise Worldwide, 24/7

There are over  four billion downloads a day on YouTube. The largest audience is now 18-44 years of age. Video is the most powerful communication tool man has ever invented and now anyone can use it to gain exposure and create additional revenue. Doing business on the internet is all about creating trust. Video is the ultimate tool is developing trust, credibility, and personal appeal.

During this session, you’ll learn all the ways you or your business can use video on the net, how easy and inexpensive it is to get started, and how to ensure you come across in the most compelling way. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to use this medium to gain a competitive advantage. If you’re an expert or thought-leader, video has to be in your tool belt.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The ten most powerful ways to use video on the internet with examples
  • The latest stats on online video
  • How to get started with minimal expense
  • How every bit of screen real estate is important
  • How to shoot and upload to YouTube quickly


Lunch and Learns

“Benefits You Can Taste”

Everybody knows you need to focus on benefits to make a sale. But, are you truly benefits focussed? Could your benefits actually be features? Could they be advantages? Do they emotionally involve your customer? If you’re not focussed on benefits, you aren’t as effective as you can be. This visually enhanced presentation will leave you with a practical test you can use to make sure your benefits pack an emotional punch.

“Active Screens”

Designing effective charts and graphs lies somewhere between an art and a science. In this highly interactive session, I present a series of screens and graphics while challenging the audience to help make them more effective. Each exercise reinforces the principle that “Less is More,” proves that design takes a backdoor to communication, and provides the audience with a method of determining what visuals they should use based on their overall objective.

Through discovery as an audience, they come to the realization that too much information becomes a huge liability in getting across a key point.