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Here is a testimonial for the work I do in helping speakers and authors develop a short video for the front page of their web site.

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“I wanted to express our sincere thanks again on behalf of the entire Toronto CAPS Chapter for an exceptional event. Your ability to engage and challenge the audience was a testimony to the absolutely top-quality thinking that you shared. It was an honour to have you as our guest — the rave reviews are well deserved.”
Bill Hogg
Bill Hogg & Associates.
“In the session that I was in with Peter, I was amazed with all the take-aways, and if I were to identify one, I think the biggest thing is to get over the fear and that technology really isn’t that difficult. And Peter was able to make it simple and I’m anxious actually to get started doing some testimonials via video.”
Wendy Thompson
Team/Leadership Coach.
“I thought it was very, very informative, because it’s a practical workshop – you actually experience how to shoot the video and how to upload and put it on your site. Also, I was very fortunate in being able to work with you and understand how important directing is. I always think I can just go and do something and I realize it’s that coaching, that directing that pulls out the best in you, so I would recommend working with Peter – very much so. I would love to have the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with Peter to really learn what creating a great video is all about.”
Andrea Roylance
Founder, Tickled Pink PR.
“Attending this course with Peter was absolutely amazing! Learning beyond anything I could have imagined possible. I have a young gal who always does all of my video clips, editing, she puts them up and I’m of the mindset right now that I think I can do much of this myself. So it’s very exciting to feel that I’m understanding enough to attempt to get into this and I know it will work and I’m really, really excited and very grateful to Peter for giving me the educational experience that I feel that I can actually do this. Thank you, Peter.”
CoraMarie Clark
President & CEO, Strategix.
“I found the information to be very, very useful. Peter presents the information in a very easy-to-understand way. There’s new information if you’ve been involved in video production in any way. If you’re just a novice starting out, it’s simple enough that anybody can do it.”
Robyn Braley
Co-Founder, Unimark Creative Services.
“It was an eye-opening experience, because I’ve done video myself and I’ve dabbled in it and tried making my own, but today, it just kind of opened up so many different doors for me to do things better, from lighting, to positioning, to voice, to clothing … so from now on I know I can have more tools in my basket to do my job way better, get heard, and make an impact..”
Denise Baril
Founder, Workplace Speaker Network.
“Peter is an amazing speaker that is clear, funny and powerful.”
Judy Arnall, Speaker, Author, Trainer
Professional Parenting, Canada.
“Your energy rocks! Thank you for the wonderful, informative, and engaging presentation you made to us! You certainly got us thinking!”
Deri Latimer
Into A New Groove!
“I just want to tell you that your presentation at the CAPS National Convention in Toronto was absolutely, in my opinion, the most valuable part of the entire conference. It justified the whole three days, plus travel, plus coming back. What I took away from this – I became baptized, let’s say evangelized about the importance of video, about the importance of Youtube, and about the importance of doing a quality job. What I appreciated about your presentation – you gave us the “how-tos.” it was a very nicely structured presentation – you gave us a step-by-step guide – you showed us how to do it and by doing that, you inspired me. As a matter of fact, I ran back to Calgary, ordered the equipment that you recommended, and we spent 3 days in Dallas this week using everything you provided. In many ways, how can I describe you – you’re a master, you’re a maestro, and you’re a virtuoso of video and social media and I thank you so much for that invaluable information and education.”
Brian Lee, CEO and Founder
Custom Learning
“Peter was not only generous with sharing his secrets of how to produce a high quality video, he delivered with precision, humour and charisma!”
Jacquie Nagy, Managing Director
Holistic Directions, Inc.
“What I appreciated most about Peter’s presentations was that they were content rich and hands on. Peter’s ability to present technical information to a non-technical person was very valuable. I walked away from the program inspired to action, and have now created videos for our book tour, and have been using Peter’s methodology to collect video testimonials. I would highly recommend Peter’s educational programs, and his services for producing high quality and powerful videos!.”
Charmaine Hammond, Hammond International Inc.
Author of best selling book, On Toby’s Terms
“Brought video to life – thanks so much. You made this seem “doable.”
John Hindle
The Contact Hitter
“Peter taught me things I can apply to my business today.”
Les Kletke, President
Les Kletke Comm. Inc.
“Excellent and concise information that is very valuable to my business.”
Dave Rodwell, Owner
D.E. Rodwell Investigative Services
” I find that start-up companies struggle to gain market awareness. The power of a well-crafted video blog is available to them if they take a seminar from Peter.”
Paul Burgener
Industrial Technology Advisor, NRC-IRAP
“Lots of excellent information. I am already using these media for promotional purposes. There is so much more I can do with it than I imagined. Great tips about lighting and visual quality, too!”
Shannon Berry, Owner
Capital Concierge
“I wasn’t sure that this is something I need – now I understand that I do. I have already started to write my plan and act on these ideas.”
Nelson Scott
SEA Consulting
“What an expert Peter is; so knowledgeable, clear and concise. He makes what could be a complicated subject so simple and easy in short steps.”
Riesah Prock
Shamanik Healing, Alberta
“Peter was not only generous with sharing his secrets of how to produce a high quality video, he delivered with precision, humour and charisma!”

Jacquie Nagy, Managing Director
Holistic Directions, Inc.

“I would like to introduce you to a major audience. Very entertaining and informative and practical.”
Catharine Wright
Wright Group
“Excellent info, a lot of relevant tips. A bit overwhelming for a tech. neophyte, however, very clear presentation.”
Elizabeth Manuel
Metamind Consulting
“Easy to understand. Peter’s delivery was at a good pace and he’s very personable.”
Gail McDonald, Owner
Octagon Coaching
“Peter took a potentially intimidating topic and made it accessible.”
Joanne Blake, President
Style for Success
“You are an authentic, humourous and practical presenter. You provided lots of take out ideas for immediate use.”
Dene Rossouw, Principal
Authentic Dialogue, Vancouver
“Exciting, inspiring! I love your concept of ‘painting with light’.”
Sheelagh Matthews
The Idea Garden
“It was a great balance of breath and depth of information. Peter was informative, entertaining, and made fabulous use of technology.”
David Gouthro, Principal
The Consulting Edge, Vancouver