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Persuade Your Audience Challenge #3 – Analysts

Analyst – Everything in Its Place 

Analyst personality style on SELF matrix

Your message should be tweaked based on who your audience is. If you’re delivering a presentation to a marketing group, it’s got to be positioned differently than if you’re delivering to a room of engineers. And your style of delivery should change—for maximum impact.

How? It depends on your audience’s personality style.

Analysts are the logical thinkers of the group. They like routine. They’re conservative, bottom-line-minded, and meticulous. Their offices are generally the most pristine, organized places on earth.

If you have them as your audience, you’d better have done your homework! And if you’re handing out evaluation forms, you’d better have a thick skin. Analysts like everything to be perfect, organized, and logical. They’ll let you know if it’s not.

Analysts: Happy to follow, need people less.

You’ll find rooms full of analysts in engineering, legal, accounting, and government offices.

As I write this, I’m sitting on an airplane next to a lady who is very obviously an analyst. She’s putting together a Keynote file for a presentation she’s likely giving in the city of her destination.

Every screen has lots of text, is very organized, and contains detail after detail. That’s enough detail to numb an audience of initiators and put them right to sleep.

Analysts and initiators don’t get along – not in terms of presentations, at any rate.

Analysts love routine. They’re dependable, conservative, like logic and structure, and are interested in underlying facts, or truth.

Analysts are detail oriented. Initiators just want the top line – and to get excited. After all, they’re creative and big-picture-oriented. These are the two personality styles that will clash more often than not.

If you’d like to take a personality “quiz” on the National Seminars website to find out what area of the matrix you align with, go to The SELF Quiz and sign in. You’ll get to take the SELF quiz at no charge.

Analysts find initiators loud and overbearing—in fact, pushy. And if initiators go on and on about subjects they know little about, it’s the analyst whose eyes will turn cold. They have no time for fools and little time for those that are centered around emotion—relators.

They get along well with drivers, except that drivers want to get on to the next decision, or project. Analysts are just as happy to spend all day diving deeper and deeper into a single slide. As for relators, analysts find them too flexible and adaptive, too interested in what the rest of the team is doing.

Here are some words to use that analysts relate to:

• Safe

• Scientific

• Proven

• Value

• Learn

• Guaranteed

• Save

• Bargain

• Economical

• Quality

• Logical

• Reliable

• Accurate

• Perfect

• Security

• Precise

• Efficient

Your message will be successful only if your audience deems it important – only if it has impact. This depends on the situation, your audience and their perspective, your style of delivery, your content, presentation structure, and the words you use—but, most importantly, the message itself. You must be sensitive to what’s going on around you; you need to “connect” with your audience on their level to be successful. Your message must reflect all of these variables.

The more you know about your audience, the greater the odds you’ll succeed. 

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