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Persuade Your Audience Challenge #4 – Relators

Relator – A Friend Forever

 SELF matrix relator personality styleYour message should be tweaked based on who your audience is. If you’re delivering a presentation to a marketing group, it’s got to be positioned differently than if you’re delivering to a room of engineers. And your style of delivery should change—for maximum impact.

How? It depends on your audience’s personality style.

If you tend to speak to groups related to the health care field or other public services, you’re used to relators. Relators are fabulous audiences. They’re warm and caring, but can be more easily offended than others.

Relators always have time to hear about problems and are genuinely interested in helping you find a solution. However, drivers tend to lose patience with them. You see, drivers are the opposites in terms of personality style.

Relators: Happy to follow, need people more.

Drivers are interested in the bottom line, and have little time for small talk, or “visiting.” Relators are put off by the drivers’ lack of caring.

As an audience, relators like to be involved in team activities, however, they don’t like to be centered out. Be sensitive to their needs and drop back a couple of notches in formality. They like casual and friendly.

You’ll find these types of audiences in service industries. If you present to associations that are focused on the community, this is the audience you’ll typically address.

So drivers, lighten up. Relax and have fun. Tell stories that expose human nature and drop all those facts and figures. You’ll relate to relators better if you focus on the emotional side of life.

Relators are mediators, very adaptive and easy to get along with, supportive, flexible, and team oriented.

Relators are real people—heavy on “the people.” They typically love pets and will often own a dog of some small type.

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If you’re an initiator, you’ll generally relate well to this audience, However, make sure your talk is about them and not you. Be very complimentary and interested if them personally. Arrive there early and be sure to personally meet as many as possible before you talk.

If you’re an analyst, make sure your slides have more pictures than words, or you’ll lose them. Focus on the heart more than the head.

Here are some words to use that they’ll relate to:

• Support

• Service

• Family

• Harmony

• Dependable

• Caring

• Cooperation

• Helpful

• Easy

• Sincere

• Love

• Kindness

• Concern

• Considerate

• Gentle

• Relationship

Your message will be successful only if your audience deems it important – only if it has impact. This depends on the situation, your audience and their perspective, your style of delivery, your content, presentation structure, and the words you use—but, most importantly, the message itself. You must be sensitive to what’s going on around you; you need to “connect” with your audience on their level to be successful. Your message must reflect all of these variables.

The more you know about your audience, the greater the odds you’ll succeed. 

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