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Overcoming Nervousness in Public Speaking

We all have fears of one kind or another. It’s part of the human condition. Arguably, speaking in public is one of the greatest, or at least, most common.

Speaking in public is often cited as one of man’s greatest fears.

Here’s a PDF file with ten great tips – from Stanford University. It’s called simply, “Overcoming Speech Anxiety.”

Contrary to what many believe, the fear can be overcome. As Wayne Kehl writes in his article, it’s typically a gradual thing, like dipping your toe in the lake to judge the warmth. If it’s safe, you’ll gradually wade in deeper.

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for something like ten years, in two segments. Between the first and the second, I lost my self esteem … totally. I had to get it back, and that took time. And work. And Toastmasters helped a great deal. It’s a hugely supportive organization of people from all walks of life who help each other get better at public speaking. You’ll find chapters in cities all over the world. Google it for your city.

Here’s my article about my journey from the bottom of the self esteem barrel to where I am now – I’m attempting to give it away … the extra self esteem, that is … haha.

Speaking in public is the one thing that will raise your profile is business above just about anything else.

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