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Taking Care of Your Voice

Without your voice in good condition, you’re little use as a presenter. However, we often take this most important instrument for granted.

In this interview, David discusses ways to enhance the sound of your voice, exercises you can do before a presentation, and ways to care for your voice if you have a cold, are under stress, or travel a great deal.

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David Aaron Katz

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David Aaron Katz

David Aaron Katz is a cantor and international singer of opera and broadway as well as a nutritional consultant, herbalist and Reiki practitioner. He has been using herbs, supplements and diet for over 20 years to enhance, strengthen, heal and maintain his voice and has helped countless others do the same. He uses his unique combination of professional performance experience and nutritional expertise to empower and educate all voice professionals to take the health of their voice and career into their own hands.

You can find David at He also has a blog at

Recorded January, 2011

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