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Big Changes Afoot

Change. That’s mostly what I’m involved in and talk about. You don’t find the need for persuasive presentations in times where there isn’t any … change, that is. But I can’t personally remember a time when change wasn’t all around us.

Presentations for Business New Site

The new site taking shape

And while the world at large is going through change to the point of societal upheaval, I’m going through a bit of my own.

A new website is on the way. Hopefully it will be up and running in the next couple weeks. I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be to finally have it active. It will provide a lot more organization to my library of (hopefully) helpful tips.

I will be rolling my second website, into this main website. It’s all the same material, simply different mediums. I’m concentrating on persuasive presentations for stage, paper, and on-camera. Having them all together will let me be more active with content in one location.

Long, long overdue!

My online workshop to help businesspeople write and structure persuasive presentations is finally done (sigh!). It’s been one intense year in the revision stage and over five years overall in the making. I’ll be promoting it later this week with a special, discounted price for all my site members.CIR.003-web

There’s certainly nothing like it on the internet and I’m very proud of it – it comes from the seeds of another program I was involved in much earlier in life that shaped the way I think and write.

Being able to put together a persuasive argument has served me very well through my years in commercial television, later on in advertising, and has been the foundation for developing effective video messages for the corporate sector for some twenty-five years. I have been told that taking this program is a life-changer. It was for me, so it’s very gratifying to get that feedback.

Video-based programs are huge undertakings. Finishing “Persuasive Presentations 2.0” will free me up to finish up my book, blog much more, speak and train much more, and produce more short videos to continue to build my online library – tips you’ll be able to access on an ongoing basis.

You can check out the workshop here. If you’re a site member, you’ll be able to log in later this week for special introductory pricing. I’m working on putting together an affiliate link to let you make a very good commission, if you’re interested in promoting and selling it on your site, for example.

I’m also in the process today of mounting a series of free webinars. They’re going to start this summer. I think I may be partnering with SOLD Magazine to mount an additional series starting in September. More info to come.

Helping people develop inspiring presentations has become my life’s calling. I look forward to any feedback you have on any of this.


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