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The Proven System that will
Ensure your Persuasive Presentations
Get RESULTS Every Time!

Learn this simple formula . . .
and enjoy tremendous personal and business success

You’ve seen SOME executives make tremendous career leaps . . .

. . . sometimes saving 5 to 10 years of working their way up the corporate ladder, simply due to their ability to speak to groups. They’re able to move their agenda along by persuading others to do what they want.

There is no reason on earth why this shouldn’t be YOU.

Your ability to speak effectively in front of other people can do more to advance your career and your personal life than any other business skill you can develop.
If you’re ready to experience a personal and business breakthrough . . . and be more successful than you ever imagined, you’ll want to pay attention to the information I have to share with you.

BinderFinalsmallWebrevWith the online version, you can replay the videos, re-use the exercises and gradually over time, you’ll build and reinforce the habit of building powerful, persuasive presentations very efficiently. That’s how habits are developed – through repetition. It’s the only way.Traditionally, this workshop has been trained in one to two days in a hotel room away from the office – a time-consuming, one-time process. The result is that the participants can often lose the skills shortly thereafter and the effect of the intense eight hour session is reduced.

PLUS … you can access the online material anytime you need it, night or day.

Boss dump a big presentation on your desk? No problem. Persuasive Presentations 2.0 is a mouse-click away.

Executives across North America have used these simple habits for over 30 years to rocket their careers.

These skills are not new. They come from master presenters!
Until now, the only way you could access these skills was to attend a live workshop with at least 6 other people. That meant you had to block off a day or two of your time AND you were forced to learn at the speed of the others in the room. AND … you had to eat hotel food . . . perhaps even pay for travel!

Virtually every presentation course or workshop out there teaches you basic presentation structure. However, most them aren’t designed to allow you to write your own presentation as you take the course. And they don’t have video modules to demonstrate the steps in simulated situation. And they don’t give you the strategic thinking to align your objective with your audience’s needs.

So you don’t get a chance to work on your own presentation – you don’t get to try out the skills during the course. In Persuasive Presentations 2.0. we lead you through the process step-by-step and you’ll see what two other executives do as they tackle the same challenges you encounter in developing an effective presentation.

PRODUCTS, SERVICES or CONCEPTS – learn how to sell anything!
As a commercial producer, I first used these skills to sell creative ideas to my clients – ideas that only existed on paper – ideas worth ten of thousands of dollars. There was nothing tangible to show . . . so we had to be highly persuasive in the words we used, the visuals we selected, and in the way we presented.

I use these same skills to help raise public companies millions of dollars. They’ll work for you, whether you sell tangibles or intangibles.

If you think all you need is a little help with your delivery skills . . . think again.
Most beginning and intermediate presenters believe they need help with their delivery skills. However, the biggest single factor in successful presentations is structure and content—in short, the message.

It’s amazing how your confidence improves (along with your delivery style) when you know you have a well-defined presentation—one targeted to your audience’s needs. I haven’t met a person yet who didn’t improve their performance THE MOST through focusing on the content. This course will absolutely nail your structure and content, which will go a long way in improving your confidence level and, as a result, your performance.

Develop tomorrow’s presentation tonight!
Most presentation courses feed you tips on how to deliver your presentation … but don’t tell you what to say or how to say it! Not only do we tell you, but WE SHOW YOU! With 8 professionally produced video modules.

That’s right! Through the use of ONLINE VIDEO, you’ll actually get to see two executives use this simple system as they work through their presentations. There’s nothing like the power of video to transfer skills. You’ll LEARN FASTER and you’ll REMEMBER the concepts LONGER.

You’ll start with a short description of your own presentation that you plan to give sometime soon. You’ll learn how to write and structure it to make sure it’s audience-targeted and highly persuasive. When you’re done the workshop, you’re done your presentation!

But don’t take my word for it . . .

Take the first module for FREE . . . RIGHT NOW . . . with my compliments!

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All video in this program has been tested in all browsers on both Windows and Macintosh. You will need at least a DSL or cable modem for real time playback. Videos in this program will also play on the iPad.
I promise you that you WILL NOT find a video-based course at this quality for such a LOW PRICE anywhere on the internet.
I’d like to purchase Persuasive Presentations 2.0 NOW! $267.00
Purchase the ONLINE VERSION and get access immediately.

You’ll learn the proper way to STRUCTURE, WRITE and
VISUALLY ENHANCE your presentation:

The Eight Workshop Modules

Habit 1 – Set Your Target
How to define your objective so that you know exactly what you have to do.

Habit 2 – Get Under Their Skin
How to find out what your audience really wants to hear.

Habit 3 – Link and Lock
How to turn your audience’s concerns into benefits to bring them onside point-by-point.

Habit 4 – Form Follows Function
How to select a form for your structure that will give you maximum impact.

Habit 5 – Windows and Mirrors
How to build a powerful opening and a targeted closing that will deliver results.

Habit 6 – Creative Clarity
How to ensure your presentation is crystal clear and memorable.

Habit 7 – Watch Your Language
How to ensure your words motivate and spur your audience to action.

Habit 8 – Graphics That Grab
How to build clear, targeted graphics that enhance your message.

Six Performance Modules
Six additional modules help you get maximum impact during the final delivery of your presentation in front of any audience.

Module 1 – Staying On Cue
How to properly prepare and organize your speaker’s notes.

Module 2 – Questions Anyone?
How to handle tough questions and turn them to your advantage.

Module 3 – Sounding Off
How to use your voice to add impact and highlight what’s important.

Module 4 – Being a Control Freak
How to anticipate every potential problem and be totally prepared when you walk on stage.

Module 5 – Getting On Your Nerves
How to soothe your nerves and be at your very best.

Module 6 – Wrapping It Up
Tips for packaging YOU (the presenter).

For a complete description of each of the Habits, click here.

It’s all about your audience.
One of the most important Habits in Persuasive Presentations 2.0 focuses on the audience. You’ll learn to “Get Under Their Skin” – unearth all their concerns and fears – and then address them one by one. You’ll learn how to turn their concerns into REAL BENEFITS that they’ll truly appreciate – benefits that will hit them on an emotional level and quickly bring them onside. Simply, you’ll learn how to “CONNECT” with your audience.

“The most significant thing I learned was how to really connect with the audience. The workbooks will be an excellent resource for future presentations.”
C. Carlton

Cut your preparation time in half!
One of the BIGGEST CHALLENGES for any presenter is figuring out what to include and what to leave out. We give you a system that will make this task a “no brainer.” You’ll save hours of prep time as you’ll only need to gather the information that supports your main points. It couldn’t be simpler and you’ll do it in a fraction of the time you took before.

Take this course anywhere . . . anywhere!
Because this is an interactive, on-demand course, you can take it in the comfort of your own home or office … at YOUR convenience. You can take it one module at a time, or several modules at once, or even concentrate only on the areas you need help in right now. And you can go over and over the material as many times as you like.

“One effective aspect of this type of course is the ability to repeat any section as often as needed. One time through is often not enough.”
T. Fielding

Harness the Power of PowerPoint!
Or Keynote . . . or any othervisual support software. Often times . . . way too often, in fact, those who use visual support badly don’t know it! They die an untimely death in the hearts and minds of their audience. We give you the rules for using PowerPoint effectively in the final habit, “Graphics That Grab.” Add the power of visuals properly and you’ll be perceived as a professional in any presentation you undertake.

“The most significant thing I learned was that more data is NOT better – it’s worse! Something I DID already know, but didn’t necessarily consider as much as I should have – especially when my data was really great!”
P. Hocking
NOVA Chemical

Learn in less time than ever before!
Video is absolutely the fastest way to learn. You get to see actual presenters work through their presentations on camera. You see their body language, how they deal with issues as they arise and you get to develop your very own presentation at the same time. You can actually view the modules videos in an hour – we don’t recomment that – the point being that we’ve compressed the skills into a powerful method of learning.

“I think you have a great product! The use of actors to explain your points as you gave helpful tips was very effective.”
J. Miller
University of Calgary
“With the videos, I was able to observe body language, how in fact a presenter used the visuals as an aid to the presentation. I also learned what a powerful tool ‘inclusion’ can be.”
D. Roy
Awo Tan Native Women’s Shelter Society
“It was effective to have Peter give the premise, and then have the examples of Fred and Mary to relate to. It contained real examples of problems and solutions, and good use of humour that kept me interested.”
G. Timm
Fluor Canada
Get help anytime you want it, night or day. No worries!

  1. Take the workshop ANY TIME you want – night or day – in segments, or all at once.
  2. Work in the privacy and comfort of your own home – with the fridge and your favorite beverage within easy reach.
  3. Work in the privacy of your own office – practice at your own rate and work on the most controversial or sensitive presentation you can think of! Or rewind the video and review sections at your leisure – no pressure.
  4. Each one of the eight videos is less than 8 minutes, so that you can find and access each key skiil (Habit) extremely quickly. This is a highly efficient way to work and will shave hours off traditional methods of accessing course content.
  5. The interface is so simple, it will take you no time to learn. If you can click on start and stop buttons, you can easily find your way around Persuasive Presentations 2.0.
  6. You can download the manual as separate exercises or whole modules so that you can access just the information you need – when you need it.
You can use these same habits every day in every type of communication you undertake.
You’ll Learn How to:

  • achieve greater success personally and professionally
  • harness the full power of visual images
  • design a powerfully persuasive presentation for any audience
  • build your credibility as a presenter
  • know what to include and exclude
  • write an attention-grabbing opening
  • deliver an effective closing that results in “yes.”
  • use “creative clarity” to make your talk memorable
  • structure your presentation based upon your audience’s needs
  • maximize your chances of success before you even walk into the room
  • much, much more . . .

If you follow these 8 Habits again and again, eventually they’ll become YOUR HABITS. They’ll help you organize your thoughts into a logical, compelling and persuasive presentation each and every time. We also give you tips and hints to help you perform your presentation like a pro! But you have to start with the right words and that’s what these 8 habits are all about.

“Persuasive Presentations 2.0″ puts into practice exactly what it teaches …. An engaging course, offered in concise, digestible chapters and easily understood language. A great presentation!”
A. Parsons
National Film Board

You’ll Save $$$$ vs. Traditional Training

A one day, live seminar for six people, including all the videos and workbook materials included in Persuasive Presentations 2.0 would cost approx. $900.00 US each. However, you’ll download the same workbook materials (in digital form) and have access to all the Persuasive Presentations 2.0 videos (one hour of professionally produced role plays), the exercises, and multimedia commentary for the all inclusive price of:

Online version: $267.00 US

If you’ve got a presentation to write, getting started now will give you a professional, highly persuasive, targeted presentation in about 8 hours. On top of that, you’ll have learned 8 new Habits that will help you write, structure and visually enhance your next presentation in a fraction of the time. So, what are you waiting for?


We want to make sure you are absolutely happy with your purchase and that you get maximum impact from Presenter-Pro. That’s why we encourage you to send up to 3 emails on any aspect of the course and we’ll personally answer them. We’ll provide guidance on any aspect of your presentaton, BUT don’t expect us to write and structure it for you. You have to do that yourself!

So . . . if you have a critical presentation coming up, we’ll spend the time with you to make sure it’s properly targeted, to suggest highly effective visuals, help to cut down on your preparation time or anything else you’d like to discuss. Want to ace that difficult presentation and look like a star?

This is your opportunity!

I’d like to purchase Persuasive Presentations 2.0 NOW! $267.00
Purchase the ONLINE VERSION and get access immediately.

100% guarantee pledge My “90 day, you benefit from these 8 Habits
or you don’t pay me a dime” Personal Guarantee!
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After 90 days of completing the Persuasive Presentations 2.0 course and using 8 Habits, you don’t feel that you’ve benefited from the 8 Habits, we will gladly refund the purchase price. You may keep all the workshop materials. That’s our pledge to you that using the 8 Habits will make you more persuasive and successful!

Remember: I want you to be more successful. And I am committed to making sure this program WORKS for you. No “ifs,” “ands” or “buts” about it! That’s why I’m willing to offer this three month long money back guarantee.

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PS – Don’t forget you’ll get custom help with your presentations from the master! Email me up to three (3) times during the first year and I’ll respond to your personal questions by providing any guidance you need to mount a highly persuasive and successful presentation or speech.

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