Persuasive Presentations 2.0 Presentation Workshop

2. Get Under Their Skin
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How to find out what your audience really wants to hear.

After completing this module, you’ll be able to:

  • list your audience’s top three concerns
  • state the importance of influencing your audience, or affecting its makeup beforehand
  • identify ways in which you can influence your audience before your presentation
  • identify the decision maker in your audience
  • identify each member’s familiarity, experience, expectations and perspective relating to the subject of your presentation
Intro video length:
52 secs

Your presentation belongs to your audience. Without them, you have NOTHING. They’re extremely important to your success.

To understand what they really want, you need to “get under their skin” – know how they think; what concerns them; what influences them.

Main video length:
7 mins, 55 secs

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Exercise video length:
4 mins, 8 secs

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Final Thoughts:

Before you move on, here are some important points to remember:

  • Your presentation belongs to your audience. It’s THEIR presentation, not yours.
  • Lobbying, or consulting can be done at three stages
    • Before
    • During, and
    • After the presentation
  • Listing your audience’s concerns in order of priority is the first step in determining the content of your presentation.
  • Your audience’s familarity with the subject, attitude, expectations and perspective may present the opportunity for you to consult with them prior to the actual presentation.

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