Persuasive Presentations 2.0 Presentation Workshop

Welcome to Persuasive Presentations 2.0. We’re here to ensure your experience taking our workshop is as valuable as possible. To that end, you’ll  find an email icon on each module page. We allow 3 email questions during the workshop – to make sure you have the answers to any questions that may crop up and to help us work continuously to make the program better.

Persuasive Presentations 2.0 is a “workshop.” What that means is that you’ll select a presentation that you’re about to develop and work through the structure of it as you work through the Presenter-Pro modules. At the end of the workshop, you’ll end up with a logical, persuasive presentation outline that, with a little bit more work, you can present to your audience. More importantly, you will have developed a template for structuring persuasive presentations in the future that will result in very high levels of success and save you loads of time in preparation.

Once you’ve developed three to four presentations using this system, it will become a habit. You’ll find the logic of Persuasive Presentations 2.0 will start to permeate other business decisions you make. The logic of developing a presentation “argument” works in all facets of business – from telephone calls to marketing plans. The more you use the system, the easier and faster it will be to develop a presentation or, in fact, solve any problem where persuasion is a element; where you have to convince someone that doing something is to their benefit.

Each module is organized into three parts:

  1. Introductory module. This short video sets up the module and relates to the first paragraph of text in the module text, which you should print out before you want the main video.
  2. Main module. This video demonstrates the key module principle through role plays. It relates closely to the body of the module text (in the attached PDF file). The main text reinforces the principles in the video and provides more in-depth information.
  3. Summary module and exercises. Each module (except the last one) has an exercise attached in PDF format. Print these out before you play the summary (exercise) video.

Each module takes you one step further in developing your own logical, persuasive, powerful presentation. You can go back and play the modules as often as you like and reprint the exercises. It’s important that you work with the structure to develop several presentations. Once you’re done that, the Persuasive Presentations 2.0 way-of-thinking will come naturally.

To your success!

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