Persuasive Presentations 2.0 Presentation Workshop

Introductory Module – What’s In It For Me?
This is the first question the audience is going to ask before you even start speaking.
Habit 1 – Set Your Target
How to define your objective so that you know exactly what you have to do.
Habit 2 – Get Under Their Skin
How to find out what your audience really wants to hear.
Habit 3 – Link and Lock
How to turn your audience’s concerns into benefits to bring them onside point-by-point.
Habit 4 – Form Follows Function
How to select a form for your structure that will give you maximum impact.
Habit 5 – Windows and Mirrors
How to build a powerful opening and a targeted closing that will deliver results.
Habit 6 – Creative Clarity
How to make your presentation crystal clear and memorable.
Habit 7 – Watch Your Language
How to ensure your words motivate and spur your audience to action.
Habit 8 – Graphics That Grab
How to build clear, targeted graphics that enhance your message.
Wrapping It Up
A summary of the steps you’ve learned to help you rapidly develop future presentations.
Six Delivery Modules
There are an additional six modules that you can download (PDF).