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How to Make Point Form Powerful

Point form seems to be highly misunderstood. I often see screens of text using full sentences.

If you’re going to use full sentences, you’re better off going home. That’s because you’ll read them and THAT is the thing audiences hate the most! The number one thing! I’ve done it  … so I know!

And why would you need to be there anyway? – your audience can just read your presentation.

Even more important – if they’re reading, they’re not listening to you!

So … you need to get your points down to their absolute essence. Use the fewest number of words you can use to support or reinforce your point.

Let’s get rid of as many articles, prepositions, pronouns … the little words …

… and any other words that simply aren’t needed.

Write it as a short phrase – under six words … max.

Try this …. Fewest number of words.

But this is even better! Fewest words. That’s all you need.

And it’s more powerful if you use those exact words in the same order when you make your point out loud.

Remember, less is more. Put everything on the screen and you become redundant. And your audience will not like you one bit. And that’s definitely not a good thing.

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