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How to Use Sound Effectively in Persuasive Presentations

Using audio clips in your presentation sounds so simple! But if there’s one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of convention technicians, that’s it!

Because it’s either too loud … or inaudible … or the presenter simply hasn’t told the technician that’s it there at all … and then wonders why it didn’t play.

So, tips. One … make sure your sound levels are consistent. That’ll require you to have some audio software to check each file and raise or lower the levels. Or some presentation software allows you to change levels within the program.

Two … make sure you test the sound on the day ahead of your talk. And make sure the sound files are in the right folder AND that you’re taking it with you.

Three. If it’s a small audience in say, a boardroom, remember to bring speakers or make sure there’s going to be a sound system on hand.

And finally … I suggest you put a black screen in before the start of your presentation with a sample sound on it. Then you or the technician can use it to check the sound just before you go on.

And hey … remember that you have sound in your presentation! I’ve seen too many presenters forget all about it, and then it interrupts them half-way through a sentence … or it doesn’t play at all.

Using sound is difficult. But, sound can be really powerful, if used properly. Give it the respect if deserves.

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