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The Most Effective Screen In Persuasive Presentations

The Ultimate Screen – what a title! Makes you think I’m going to show you the most wonderful, most powerful screen of all! Well, I am!

However, you have to buy into a simple, radical concept … pictures are more powerful than words.

We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words. In fact, our brains only see pictures. We see words as lots of little “letter-pictures.”

Get this book: Brain Rules by John Medina. It’s full of lots of facts as to how we learn, particularly in presentations.

And get this … if we say something important in a presentation, 72 hours later, people will remember 10%. That number goes up to 65% if we add a picture.

Better still … a picture AND a phrase on the screen – that we say aloud at the same time is the most powerful use of speaker support.

We’ve known this for some time. But why are presenters’ screens filled with words?

It’s likely because of two things:

  1. The programs themselves (PowerPoint and Keynote) tend to be text-based and
  2. We “corporate types” live in a text-based world.

On the other hand, the ad world uses pictures everywhere to communicate. There’s television … advertising … signage … Pictures emotionally involve us. 
We remember pictures, but not words.

The ultimate screen – a powerful picture and a simple, pertinent phrase. And then say the phrase out loud. That’s powerful. And chances are, your audience will remember it.

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