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The Secret to Benefits That Sell

Features and benefits – two key elements of any sales course. After all, understanding them and the differences between them is part of the foundation of making a sale.

If you want to be persuasive, benefits have to be at the core of your presentation – the tastier the better. Let me explain:

If you’re like me, you learned earlier on that …

features are what a product has; benefits are what it does.

But sometimes, what you think are benefits aren’t. They’re often not personal enough. They’re not compelling.
To REALLY sell, your benefits have to be specific. They have to give your audience a specific gain . . . one they can personally feel, or imagine.

Benefits have to personally and emotionally affect your audience.

Let’s consider another word: “advantages.” I’m going to suggest to you that what we’ve traditionally thought of as “benefits” are really “advantages.” Products and services have features and features have advantages. But benefits are different.

Fobenefits must emotionally involve your audiencer example, let’s say I wanted to sell you a “double chocolate” cake. I might say that it has “double rich, naturally sweet” icing. That’s a feature. The advantage is that it’s not too rich or overly sweet like traditional chocolate and that makes it taste so much better. But, so what? It doesn’t really make me want to taste it.

But, if I were to tell you that it tastes so good, it will make your toes curl … Think about that. It will make your toes curl! Now, that’s a benefit – one that affects you emotionally. THAT sells. I want to experience THAT.

Benefits are how products or services affect your audience on a personal level. BenefitS have to affect them emotionally. And that has impact. That sells.

Put real benefits at the core of your next persuasive presentation and you’ll have all the success you’ve ever wanted.

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