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Do You Know Your Audience’s Personality Style?

ladypresentingVirtually every audience has one, some more pronounced than others.

And then there’s you. What’s yours?

Certain personality styles clash—they get along like oil and water. So, if you’re presenting to an audience and you’re bombing, it could be your personality style. It involves the words you use, your demeanor, and how you weight certain aspects of your presentation.

A simple example might be a sales-oriented presenter attempting to influence an accounting firm. Without great thought as to how you’re going to position your argument, you stand the chance of completely alienating them. Because these two styles inherently clash.

Another example might be a health care worker making a presentation to the president of the organization. Presidents, or managers, are typically not interested in small talk. If you don’t get right to the point, you’re going to have an uphill battle getting buy-in. However, that might not be your nature.

To ensure success, your presentation style and content must be skewed to match your audience’s personality style.

I’m simplifying to some degree to make a point. Not all relationships between presenters and audience’s are this obvious. There are nuances for sure in defining audience personality styles. But knowing your audience is absolutely critical for a successful professional presenter.

Over the next week or two, I’ll explore the four basis styles and some do and don’ts for presenters. And if you have a story about a major “miss” you’ve had because of differing personality styles, I’ve love to hear about it.

If you don’t know your own personality style, here’s a link to take a short test from National Seminars at no charge.

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