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How to Start Your Convention Presentation

Here’s a tip for those of you who present at conferences. Particularly if you like to use animation or video right at the start of your presentation.

Put a black screen right at the front of your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation. If you start your talk with a video clip or animation, it’s an absolute must. You’ll look like a pro and the technical crew will love you. Here’s why:

Visual support these days runs on computers. I’m talking about PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash,  and so on. Most computers (particularly mine!) have ugly desktops full of files and folders – often totally disorganized.

It’s considered unprofessional to show a desktop between presentations. So, the crew running your show will switch from a second computer with a theme slide to the computer your presentation is on. That’s the norm.

However, if your presentation starts with a video clip or animation that begins right when the file is launched, there is virtually no way to synchronize launching the file on your computer and switching to it as it pops to full frame and starts to play.

So, I recommend that you put a screen of black in front of your presentation (or a convention theme slide, if you have one) so that the crew can switch to it first and then on command trigger the animation or video.

So for conferences . . . black is first . . . the crew will love you for it, ’cause it makes their job so much easier.

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