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How to Write a Speaker Introduction

Introductions. They’re incredibly important to a speaker’s success. Bad ones can be like watching a slow motion train wreck. Because the speaker ends up spending half their speech trying to recover from it. Ow!

MC making an introductionAnd that’s why professional speakers provide their own. And when they do, if you’re the MC, it’s important that you rehearse it and deliver it the way it’s written. Because it sets the tone.

If you’re writing an intro, there are 3 questions – three W’s it needs to answer: What, Why Now and Why This speaker.

First … what. What is the speech or talk about (without giving away too much). Make sure you relate it in terms your audience will understand. This part is pretty straightforward.

Second … Why this speaker? What are the credentials, experience or expertise this speaker has that gives him or her the authority to address this particular subject? Now, this part is key – relate it to the interests and experience of your audience.

Third … Why now? Why is this information so important at this particular time? This sets up the context. It’s really, really important to understand how this topic relates to this particular moment – right now.

And finally, be careful not to promise too much. Phrases like … This is the funniest speaker you’ll ever see … are deadly … believe me. It’s an expectation they can never hope to meet! Been there, done that!

So … connect the audience … promote the speaker … but not TOO much.

Being able to deliver a great introduction is a huge asset … that will do wonders for your reputation as a leader. A simple thing … but powerful!

Leave me a comment if you have any guidelines you use for speaker introductions ….

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