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Video Boot Camp! Don’t Miss It!

If you’re an entrepreneur with a web presence and you don’t have a video, you’re missing out on potential business! Video is today’s business card on the internet. There are four billion video views each day on YouTube alone.

Video builds trust; it allows visitors to your site a chance to “virtually meet” you. After all, under the right circumstances, you’re your best salesperson. You know that.

PLUS … video works for you around the clock.

Persuasive presentations come in many different forms. Video is arguably the most professional. I say that because in the profession, we all know the importance of writing … and planning.

Chroma key studio, green screen

Typical green screen studio setup

To really make video effective, it needs to be written, directed, and shot professionally. You need to look your best, and come across credibly and confidently. But most importantly, you need to get to the point in a compelling manner. Your script needs to sell your business.

As a commercial writer/producer for over ten years, let me stress the importance of a script that’s written to sell – in your own words. There’s a formula for an “elevator pitch,” a short presentation, a business email, and a sales video and they’re all the same. I can teach you that formula. In fact, I do just that, in a number of my seminars.

But as a result of all my talks and seminars, it’s become apparent that there’s a need for an affordable, on-camera studio experience that gives you your own professionally produced video at the end of the day—without any technical challenges. That day has come!

If you’re in Calgary, you can join me on Saturday, November 30 and Sunday, December 1 for an intensive two day boot camp – my “No Excuses” boot camp. It’s called that because even though many people know they need a website video, they come up against one road block after another in getting one done—or they just plain don’t know where to start.

On top of that, putting together the right people to get it done properly can be a challenge. And the cost to do it alone can be prohibitive. I’m going to take care of all of that for you for one low price.

You can find out all about it by clicking this link. 

In short, here’s what you get:  There’s one day to define your audience, their need, and develop a script that sells—your message. The second day is devoted to putting it all together on video, in studio, with a professional videographer, lighting, make-up … the works. We’re going to use a green screen set up, so that you can “drop in” any background you like—your logo, your store front, a picture of your office, or even a beach!

Hope you can join me! There are only 10 spaces so if you’re at all interested, be sure to sign up today. This opportunity may not appear again anytime soon.

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