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Email, Ferrari, and Effective Presentations

hi-ferrari119384354-8colThis week, Ferrari—that’s right, the car-maker—issued a directive to its employees to stop emailing so much and start talking to each other.

“From now on, each Ferrari employee will only be able to send the same email to three people in-house,” a statement on the company’s website said.

The target is “injudicious sending of emails with dozens of recipients often on subjects of no relevance to most.”

You know the emails. You’re part of a meeting and after the meeting, every little action or comment on the subject (even though you have on interest in it at all) is copied to you.

Or the colleagues of yours that can’t seem to get to the point – with emails that take a triple read – to figure out if there’s an actionable item.

For three years I trained email effectiveness across the country. There is a structure that disseminates information in a very effective and efficient manner. Using this structure supports the use of email for business communication. If only more people used it!

After all, email are just another example of a business presentation. Shorter, mind  you, but effectively the same thing.

However, it doesn’t address the problem of laziness on the part of the sender – not determining who the recipients should be BEFORE you send it out. I call this kind of email SPAM. It seems to be certain people that practice indiscriminately sending out emails without considering their value to the “sendee.” These same people don’t structure them properly – to be read quickly.

Great emails get to the point quickly, provide just the information you need,  provide a storable document that you can refer back to when needed, and (if the subject line is properly written—sigh), allow you to retrieve that information exactly when you need it.

What do you think? Should companies have an enforce rules on the uses of email?



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