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Storytelling is a Powerful Persuasive Presentation Tool

Painting from cave man daysProfessional speakers know that stories are the most powerful tool they have. Human beings love hearing about other human beings. That’s been the case since early man. Cave dwellers used pictures on rock walls to tell about battles with wild beasts, for example.

Any presentation can use stories to make the subject matter far more compelling and memorable. Even sales letters, which trade on being as persuasive as possible, use stories to connect with the audience. Nobody knows that better than Troy White, one of the premier internet sales letter writers, who has sold millions of dollars of products and services through the use of stories.

I caught up with Troy this week to do an interview on how the power of stories helps him be highly persuasive in his online writing and presentations. Below is an audio excerpt from that conversation.

From Troy White’s Blog:

Carnegie Mellon did a fascinating study on the power of story telling vs hard core statistics in your marketing.

You may think you know the results, but I bet you would never guess the results and the implications for marketing.

The results surprised me too.

The first test they ran involved a sales letter promoting a non-profit.

The people involved received 2 versions of the sales letter.

One version told a heart wrenching story about a girl that lived in the 3rd world country…

…the other shared the facts on what dismal living conditions the people lived in, the numbers of them without fresh water, without food, etc.

Then they measured how much each of the test groups donated to each letter.

The letter sold 118% more with the story based letter.

Here is an excerpt from my interview with Troy White, “The Power of Storytelling.” (time: 5 mins, 27 secs).

For the full version (approx. 23 minutes), please go here.

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Troy White

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Troy White

Troy is a master storyteller, having crafted online sales letters that have sold millions of dollars internationally. Any sought after commercial copywriter will tell you that the story is the essence of any compelling writing – particularly in sales. He is also an internationally recognized marketing coach, whose focus is on helping entrepreneurs maximize their lead generation and marketing efforts.

Working with entrepreneurs and small business owners from all over the world gives Troy a unique insight into the challenges entrepreneurs are faced with, and the strategies that build their businesses faster.

You can find Troy at

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