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Three Presentation Secrets to Help You Seal the Deal (cont’d)

Continued from my previous blog entry of the same title …


Now, let’s talk about emotion. And there are some that say there should be no emotion in business decisions. They’re the ones that build PowerPoint presentations filled with fact after fact after fact – and then wonder why they don’t win the bid, or nobody can remember what they talked about, because there’s no emotional attachment.

The problem with that approach is that we’re all humans – just a small monkey wrench thrown into the mix. It’s why, by the way, economists are always wrong about the economy. Because people make up the economy and if they don’t feel good about the future, the economy suffers. Decisions are made based on emotion.

Think about the largest purchase you’ve ever made. For most of us, that’s a house. How many make logical, calculating decisions about their “dream home.”

For others, it’s your car. If there was no emotions involved, they could all be the same colour … even the same make perhaps.

Your vacation. We don’t say … where is it logical to go?

We make decisions based on emotion, we justify them based on facts.

So, how does emotion play out in our presentations? Stories is one way. Another way is through benefits. But I think that the word “benefits” is highly misunderstood.

Here’s a two minute video that explains what a benefit is and how to use.

[flv: 480 270]

So, when you think about your next presentation, it has to be about your audience. Take the time to understand them. Understand how the problem and your solution will emotionally impact them.

More often than not the decision will be made on how they feel about you as the presenter. Do they want to work with you? Do you know your stuff? Will you be fun to work with? And the big one … do they trust you. Are you safe to work with. In today’s world, nobody wants surprises … particularly when it comes to budget.

Point #3 coming in my next blog entry …

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