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Why Emotion is So Important in Persuasive Business Presentations

We buy most items based on emotion, not logic.Don’t forget about emotion in your presentation. “What … in a business presentation?” you ask …

Ah … yup.

We make decisions based on our emotions all the time.
We justify them based on facts – on logic.

For example, the majority of people don’t buy a car based upon how economically it will get them from A to B. It’s usually something else … like the most new gizmos, the colour, the speed … or just the way it makes them feel. But when you ask them, they’ll typically tell you how practical it is …

You just have to look at advertising to see how important emotion is to the sale. Kids and animals sell. Sex sells. And status … keeping up with Bob down the street.

“Save time,” “Get a raise!” “Look better,”Feel better”… these are all emotional appeals.Appealing to the emotions is really important in persuasive presentations

Ever heard the expression, “Listen to your gut?”

Entrepreneurs listen to their gut all the time. It’s how a lot of important decisions are made. It alludes to your senses – how to “feel” about something. For example, people like to work with people they like – people like them usually – people they enjoy being around.  A lot of decisions are made just like that.

Now, it’s important to base your presentation on logic, on facts and figures, but don’t forget to include a bit of emotion, as well.

I don’t mean laugh or cry or mount a love-in, but depending on the audience, there might be a need to appeal to their emotions. Yes, even in business presentations.

I’ve won many a contract based upon emotion, because I offered security … a guarantee … something to make my audience feel more comfortable saying “yes.” Or I simply made them laugh.

So … lead with the head … but don’t forget a dose of heart.

Here’s another article and the types of emotional appeals your can use in your persuasive presentation.

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