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The Driver Personality Style – A Manager, Perhaps Your Boss 

SELF Personality Style - the driverYour message should be tweaked based on who your audience is. If you’re delivering a presentation to a marketing group, it’s got to be positioned differently than if you’re delivering to a room of engineers. And your style of delivery should change—for maximum impact.

How? It depends on your audience’s personality style.

I’m going to use the descriptive name, “Driver,” for this personality style. This is one of the four basic styles. These are people that both need to direct (at the top of the matrix) and “need people less.” In other words, they don’t have a burning need to be surrounded by others.

Drivers: Like to be in control, need people less.

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SELF Personality Style Matrix

There are four basic personality styles. Generally, people can be classified as one of the four. That said, keep in mind that most people have qualities from more than just one. You tend to be dominant in the traits of one style over the others. So, it’s a relative thing – and in most cases, should be used for illustrative purposes only.

I’m also exaggerating to some degree to help contrast the different styles.

I’ve provided the SELF matrix to help you get a feeling for how these traits are delineated. 

There are four personality extremes identified on the chart. At the top of the centre vertical line is the trait of “more need to direct.” These are people who need to be in charge. Read More …