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sIf you have difficulty with putting together a persuasive presentation–of any type–quickly, then here’s a really simple structure you can use to get you started. When I say “presentation,” I’m including email, phone calls, conversations, letters (does anyone write these any more?)–virtually any form of communication in which you want to get your point across or that you want to result in an action.

It goes like this:


Simple really. Here it is with a little more detail (yes, this is the “Specifics” section of this email):

1. Situation. There’s a key rule for how to be most effective in any kind of learning situation: Start with what your audience knows–and then build new information on top. It’s the same thing Read More …

hi-ferrari119384354-8colThis week, Ferrari—that’s right, the car-maker—issued a directive to its employees to stop emailing so much and start talking to each other.

“From now on, each Ferrari employee will only be able to send the same email to three people in-house,” a statement on the company’s website said.

The target is “injudicious sending of emails with dozens of recipients often on subjects of no relevance to most.”

You know the emails. You’re part of a meeting and after the meeting, every little action or comment on the subject (even though you have on interest in it at all) is copied to you.

Or the colleagues of yours that can’t seem to get to the point – with emails that take a triple read – to Read More …