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Make your presentation facts interesting and memorable.

Ever have a presenter give you a fact during a presentation and you had no idea what it meant – how it related to you or anything else, for that matter?

If you’re like me, the answer is “all the time.”

There are technical presentations in which presenters ream off fact after fact after fact with no indication as to what’s really important and how it relates to what you already know. At the end of the presentation, you leave the room wondering what on earth it all meant, unable to remember even a single number or point.

The most error I see most often is the presenter who throws out a number without the context. For Read More …

It’s often basic communication principles we inadvertently toss aside in the heat of “presentation panic” that get us into trouble. I’ve done it, too – thrown up bullet point after bullet point to support a presentation without thinking about how my audience takes in information. Big mistake. Boring doesn’t sell. Neither does the thing we gravitate towards—logic—in most cases.

How many presentations have you seen that have been full of facts and even fuller of charts and graphs—and left you cold?

What does “sell”  (or simply move the audience) is your ability to conjure up images in the minds of your audience – their images, not yours. If you can engage your audiences’ imaginations, you’ve got them! There is absolutely nothing more powerful in Read More …