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President Obama’s address at the White House this weekend outlining the decision he’d made regarding launching an attack on Syria was one of the least persuasive speeches I’ve seen him give (other than that questionable debate performance from the last election!). I had to review the transcript to get as good sense as to why.

He displayed one of the classic mistakes novice speakers make—using the word “but.” Now, we all know that using the word “but” in a sentence subordinates, even negates everything you said before it. Funnily enough, it has the same effect in a speech.

His performance was only “good”—not  his best— and that’s often the result of someone who is not 100% in tune with what they’re saying (after all, the Read More …

If you’ve been watching the ups and downs of the US presidential race, and been paying attention to the media pundits, you’ve no doubt heard the discussions in recent days about “style versus substance.” This is in direct relation to the television debate between President Barak Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

The argument is over whether it’s more effective to focus on the substance of your presentation, rather than how you deliver it – your presentation “style.” What’s the most effective means of making your point and winning over your audience?

The answer to this question may rest within the work of Albert Mehrabian, known to most presentation coaches, but misquoted (in my experience) as often as his work is cited.

The Obama/Romney Read More …