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Change. That’s mostly what I’m involved in and talk about. You don’t find the need for persuasive presentations in times where there isn’t any … change, that is. But I can’t personally remember a time when change wasn’t all around us.

Presentations for Business New Site

The new site taking shape

And while the world at large is going through change to the point of societal upheaval, I’m going through a bit of my own.

A new website is on the way. Hopefully it will be up and running in the next couple weeks. I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be to finally have it active. It will provide a lot more organization to my library of (hopefully) helpful tips.

I will be rolling my second website, into Read More …

SOLD Magazine front coverSOLD Magazine is a free monthly online resource that’s particularly valuable for anyone doing persuasive presentations.

I have a vested interest in bringing you this info, as I have an article in the July issue on page 42. It’s on the Riveting Opening (my favourite way to open a presentation). While I wrote it as an online article, I’ve just embellished it and added it to my blog here.

SOLD Magazine “is a monthly digital publication dedicated to helping sales professionals
Sharpen their selling skills
Improve their selling process
Increase their confidence, empowering them to close more sales, rise above their competition and earn larger commissions.”

Even though its primary focus is on sales, it has a whole section on presentations, starting on page 35. Read More …