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My boss wanting me to get to the point

My boss – Yikes!

Let’s talk about the boss. I know, not your favourite subject. You know how your boss wants the details in 30 seconds or less. “Cut the small talk … give me the results.”

Well, most of the time, so does your audience. Now, what I mean by this is that your audience doesn’t want to be left guessing about what point you’re trying to make. They will be if you start with all the details first – or if you begin with a story that meanders around the main point.

So, let’s say I want to get my boss to purchase a new office printer, as the current one is slow and constantly breaks down. That’s what this particular presentation is Read More …

There is nothing quite like a beautiful body. Perfect form and an end that sells the whole package.

Hey, I’m talking about presentations!

Your presentation can take a number of different forms. You’ll find a list of the most common ones here. For more in-depth information and examples of how to use them, you’ll have to take my online, self-paced video course, Persuasive Presentations 2.0.

Persuasive presentations always have a strong open and close – they’re the most important parts of your presentation … but the middle of your presentation is called “the body” and it has to be “just right.” It’s where you get the chance to really be persuasive.

The body is where you make your key points. And the beauty Read More …

The body of your presentation is where you organize your content. This is where you unveil the key points that support your main theme, or objective.

Once you’ve identified the key points , it’s time to think about the most effective way to communicate them. What “form” are you going to use?

When we talk about “form,” we mean the order in which you present your points and how you “package” them. For example, you might decide to make your points within a story, or perhaps they should be introduced chronologically – based on the date or day they relate to – or maybe by geographic location. In any case, there are ten major forms you can choose from. In this article, we’ll try to Read More …