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This is right up there with the most important things I’ll ever tell you about persuasive presentations:

To be a successful persuasive presenter, you absolutely have to believe in your message. And you have to display passion.

Being persuasive requires understanding the audience

Mehrabian’s chart

You may have seen this pie chart before. It’s usually misinterpreted.

It comes from the work of Albert Mehrabian, Ph.D. He was measuring what happens when someone you know gives you mixed messages.

That’s like me telling you that “The weather’s not very good but I know you’re going to have great vacation” and saying it with a slight look of doubt on my face. You won’t hear anything about “great vacation.” My look of doubt reinforces the fact that the weather isn’t very good and, Read More …

We all have fears of one kind or another. It’s part of the human condition. Arguably, speaking in public is one of the greatest, or at least, most common.

Speaking in public is often cited as one of man’s greatest fears.

Here’s a PDF file with ten great tips – from Stanford University. It’s called simply, “Overcoming Speech Anxiety.”

Contrary to what many believe, the fear can be overcome. As Wayne Kehl writes in his article, it’s typically a gradual thing, like dipping your toe in the lake to judge the warmth. If it’s safe, you’ll gradually wade in deeper.

I’ve been a member of Toastmasters for something like ten years, in two segments. Between the first and the second, I lost my self esteem … Read More …

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I was a mess.

I felt as if I’d failed. And when you’re the son of an Englishman, whose relatively good school grades were “never good enough,” failure had never been an option.

I’d never felt quite this low before, but it did take me back to my teenage year (17) in hospital (actually only about four months), away from my friends, with little to amuse me but my guitar and tapes of the Bee Gees. Thank goodness for the Bee Gees! That was 1967.

But the one thing it taught me early on is that when you get really low mentally, there’s nowhere to go but up. I’d done it before … and I knew that I could do it Read More …

Confidence is at the root of all presentations. Without confidence in yourself, the material you’re delivering and the tools you’re using, you’ll never be a great presenter.

Now, I can’t give you confidence. I can help with structure, performance, being persuasive … and all the other tools you need to be an powerful presenter, but confidence is something you have to do yourself.

Having suffered from Crohn’s Disease since I was 16, let me tell you, I’ve had lots of ups and downs in confidence, in financial balance and in general health. Thankfully, I’ve had a lot more ups than downs. Today, other than the usual effects of age, I’m in the best shape of my life. And I’m not too shabby in the confidence Read More …