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Movies are totally involving. The best ones make a point. And they’re about people. And we remember the really good ones for a long, long time. That’s the power of stories.

They’re the most compelling part of any presentation.

Doug Stevenson's book on how to tell stories in business presentationsI saw master storytelling coach, Doug Stevenson speak last year. Doug coaches business people in the art of storytelling. And if you’re serious about being a compelling speaker, you absolutely have to get his book, Doug Stevenson’s Story Theater Method. You’ll find Doug at “The Storytelling Studio for Business.”

Doug is coming to Calgary! If you’re in the Calgary or Edmonton area, this is a NOT TO BE MISSED one day workshop on storytelling for business – on Sunday, June 15, 2014. Get more Read More …

Mother Nature

If you’re in any type of persuasive situation (presentation or not), you have to control the narrative—the story. Your story has to be the most compelling one. If you simply attack the existing narrative, your chances of winning are slim.

In sports, any team that plays only defense won’t win. You need to play offense, as well as defense. That’s a key lesson of sports.

I’ve been working with a group of scientists and engineers who are adamant about discrediting the current manmade warming theory. After all, it’s a scam and simply doesn’t survive any type of true analytical thinking. The solar system creates the climate on Earth and man is not in control of anything. Sorry!

Ask any astrophysicist.

But Read More …

Painting from cave man daysProfessional speakers know that stories are the most powerful tool they have. Human beings love hearing about other human beings. That’s been the case since early man. Cave dwellers used pictures on rock walls to tell about battles with wild beasts, for example.

Any presentation can use stories to make the subject matter far more compelling and memorable. Even sales letters, which trade on being as persuasive as possible, use stories to connect with the audience. Nobody knows that better than Troy White, one of the premier internet sales letter writers, who has sold millions of dollars of products and services through the use of stories.

I caught up with Troy this week to do an interview on how the power of stories helps him Read More …