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I constantly see presenters futzing around with their computers mere minutes before they go on …. and often minutes after they should have started. It simply shouldn’t happen in most of those cases.

Here’s the secret: Show up early.

But, there’s actually more to it than that! To be really successful on stage, there are a number things you need to do before your presentation. If you complete them all, you’ll be much more successful. I’ve seen too many horror stories from presenters who showed up five minutes ahead of time and expected everything to go just fine.

Play for the video below and get the list of “must-dos.”

Check out the room. Walk the stage area. Get used to where the audience will be Read More …

science-webI often work with groups that are in the technical, engineering, or science fields. I refer to them as “left-brain thinkers.” There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. They’re detail oriented and that’s great! Because without them, we’d likely have far fewer advances in civilization.

However, in presentations, detail-oriented-thinking is usually detrimental to getting your message across. Audiences can’t handle detail—certainly not at one sitting.

Each of the above groups tends to create a very long list of points they want communicate and chock their presentations full of facts and numbers. They’re never happy with three key points under a central theme—they’re always coming up with more and more points …

Take a lesson from the political realm. Political teams come up with one message and hammer Read More …