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They say you should rehearse an hour for every minute of your speech. I’m not so sure.

I think rehearsing your talk is really important. But how you do it, probably differs by individual.

There’s a belief out there about saying it in front of a mirror. What’s THAT about? Forget it – it doesn’t work.

What I do is break down longer talks into chunks – subtopics or key points. I get the main point in my mind and then I write down a word or two on a cue card. I memorize or think through the logic of the argument I’m going to make so that a key word will trigger that chunk.

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Almost 10 years ago now, when I re-joined Toastmasters (to re-build my self-confidence), I would spend hours memorizing my speeches. We were told to rehearse an hour for each minute of the speech: Seven minutes therefore required seven hours of rehearsal.

In today’s fast-paced world, that kind of time is very difficult to find. And is it an efficient use of time? I don’t think so.

The other problem with it is that your passion for the subject during delivery just disappears. That’s because your focus is entirely on remembering the words. You’re simply reciting something you were likely passionate about when you wrote it, but now your focus is on getting it right word-for-word. Your performance will suffer tremendously.

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