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In public speaking, your voice is your instrument. You have to know what it sounds like. So I recommend you get a recorder and record yourself giving a presentation.

Then listen to it. Do you sound monotone? That’s boring. Our brains don’t pay attention to boring things. They shut off.

Speaker reading a storybook to a childHere’s an exercise. Get a children’s book and read it to a child – and record it. You’ll hear yourself exaggerating the words – you’ll be much more expressive than normal. Now back off about twenty percent and you’re in presentation territory.

Most new speakers speak too quickly? Slow down. The larger the audience, the slower you need to speak. And pauses … they can be your most powerful tool. Pauses give impact to what Read More …

Without your voice in good condition, you’re little use as a presenter. However, we often take this most important instrument for granted.

In this interview, David discusses ways to enhance the sound of your voice, exercises you can do before a presentation, and ways to care for your voice if you have a cold, are under stress, or travel a great deal.

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David Aaron Katz

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David Aaron Katz

David Aaron Katz is a cantor and international singer of opera and broadway as well as a nutritional consultant, herbalist and Reiki practitioner. He has been using Read More …