Master Your Message - Television

How  you present yourself to the world is critical. Never more so than in video.

In over 35 years as a professional writer/producer/director, I’ve helped scores of executives successfully use this medium. Here’s a recent case study:

Catharine had seized an opportunity while in Phoenix, Arizona to shoot a short  video (under two minutes in length) to post on her profile on Linkedin. With no coaching, she put together a script and delivered it using a teleprompter in a green screen studio. While she had a videographer light the set, and load and run the teleprompter, she was not otherwise coached.

Here’s the result:

[flv: 480 320]

Catharine approached me feeling a bit uncomfortable with the end product – not sure if she should post it on her website.

I pulled no punches. The message was weak, the lighting was “moody,” make-up was non-existant, her clothing was crumpled, and her delivery lacked confidence. She’s a management consultant and needs to come across as one. (It was also shot in such a way technically that it added on about ten pounds.)

I suggested that I could work with her to develop an alternative product that she’d be really proud of … that would have a strong message and put her true personality on screen. And I’d do it in a couple of hours of shooting.

Here’s the end product:

[flv: 480 270]

Having a professional video presence on the internet is critical for consultants, coaches, speakers, or anyone else in business. Video is such an incredible tool in the right hands, but can be a disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s like going to court without a lawyer.

I coach businesspeople on camera, provide all the logistics for proper display on Youtube, Linkedin, your website, and other social and business sites that allow full-motion video. More importantly, I provide coaching and strategies to package you so your message breaks through. The message is as important as your performance.

The Process:

Consultation – I’ll work with you over Skype (with video) or other video conference means. I need to understand your objective and your audience.

  • Writing/editing – I’ll help you write, re-write, or edit your message.
  • Prep for the Shoot – I’ll discuss the upcoming shoot, what to wear, what to expect, and how to prepare (including scheduling of make-up). We’ll discuss what outfits to bring to the shoot. We may schedule a personal wardrobe session with a professional image consultant (optional).
  • Make-up – We’ll schedule a make-up session with one of the top professional motion picture make-up artists.
  • On-camera shoot – I direct (coach) you on-camera (with teleprompter) and we do as many “takes” as we need until we’re both happy. During this session, we typically re-edit the script to suit your delivery style. Your script must be in your words (that you use in conversation every day).
  • Editing – The editing takes place at a later date and involves adding titles, choosing an appropriate background, designing graphics, and adding music, if appropriate. We have a professional library of music that allows us to select from literally thousands of cuts. This is all done in direct consultation with you.
  • Packaging – We deliver a master and an online version in any format and size that fits your needs.

The entire process can take a couple of weeks or be accelerated to as little as a two-day turnaround. It will require either travel by you to our city or we can travel to you and book an appropriate studio in your area. We can realistically shoot multiple short clips in one day, subject to complexity, to make the experience as cost-effective as possible.

If you’re concerned about how you’re coming across on video, or how to start using this powerful medium to achieve spectacular results for your business, drop me line.