Master Your Message - Television

Use Video to Grow Your Influence Worldwide
and Sell Your Product 24/7

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We’re in a Video Revolution!

If you’re not using YouTube to promote yourself or grow your business, you’re missing a huge opportunity! YouTube is NOT for kids … any more! The largest age groups on YouTube are 18 – 44 … by far. According to the latest survey statistics from Google, 94% of the top advertisers are reporting success on the internet.

The revolution is in full swing … Don’t get left behind!

In this one day seminar, you’ll learn:

  • everything you need to start producing short clips
  • how to choose the best camera
  • all about microphones – what to use and why
  • how to be more magnetic and attractive on camera
  • how to enhance your appearance with proper lighting, clothing, and make-up
  • how to upload to your own YouTube channel and embed video on your site
  • tips on how to maximize your YouTube presence
  • how to get and use spectacular video testimonials
  • how to come across professionally, and with charisma
  • basic editing – choosing the best software and where to get more info
  • how to create video assets you can use again and again
  • and much, much more!

Video is the most powerful communication tool man has ever invented and now anyone can use it to gain international exposure – you included. There has never been an opportunity before now to use this most powerful medium to promote yourself.

During this session, I’ll show you how to shoot, edit, and put a short video on your site in under a half-hour. I’ll also give you the tools you need to get started collecting short video testimonials from clients or customers to promote your business.

Doing business on the internet is all about creating trust. Video is the ultimate tool in developing credibility and personal appeal. Prospective clients can see you in action instantly, you get to promote yourself in your best light, and your video clips work for you around the clock in countries all over the world.

You’ll learn microphone techniques, how and when to use  make-up, the effects of lighting, sound, and structure of your short video. You’ll learn what to say to be effective – to get your point across persuasively. In the afternoon session, I’ll direct two participants on camera to show how to improve your performance. 

Learn where to find music, professional narration, graphics and animation inexpensively online. You’ll get all the latest techniques for distributing your video product all over the world.

More YouTube Stats
  • 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • Over 4 billion videos are viewed a day
  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 3 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  • YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages
  • In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or almost 140 views for every person on Earth

When you attend this one day session, you’ll receive a valuable step-by-step manual.

Subject Duration Times
Coffee and Mingle 30 mins 8:00-8:30
Welcome and Overview 30 mins 8:30-9:00
Shooting and Mounting Video in Under 30 Mins.
In real time, we’ll shoot, edit, upload to YouTube and onto a Website! It’s Easy!
40 mins 9:00-9:40
Basic Equipment Recommendations
What you need to get started, from cameras to mics to lights.
30 mins 9:40-10:10
Break 20 mins 10:10-11:00
Writing for Video
How to structure and write a video of under 2 minutes in length.
60 mins 11:00-Noon
Lunch (on your own) 60 mins Noon-1:00
Planning Your Shoot
Sound, background, lighting, clothing – what to pay attention to before you start shooting.
20 mins 1:00-1:20
Lighting and Sound
Live demonstration of 3 point lighting, background lighting, and tips for lighting “on the road.”
30 mins 1:20-1:40
Performing at Your Peak Level
Live demonstration using 2 participants to help find your “sweet spot” – bring your character to the screen. 
40 mins 1:40-2:20
Break 20 mins 2:30-2:50
Editing Basics
Techniques for simple editing of both sound and visuals. Recommendations for software. Examples of overlays, inserts, supers, fades vs. cuts, etc. 
40 mins 2:50-3:25
Optimizing YouTube
Tour of a YouTube channel and tips for optimizing your presence. Discussion of Youtube tools for enhancing your video after upload. 
40 mins 3:25-4:00
Wrap Up 30 mins 4:00-4:30